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February Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

Hello again and thanks for reading our regular Thai recipe newsletter, especially today as it is our daughter's 26th birthday and for 23 of those years it's the customers of ImportFood who kept us all going.  So a big 'Thank You' for doing your part; our little enterprise wouldn't be here without your support. She is now working professionally but still finds the time on occasion to help us running errands.

Today we have Foco Aloe Vera, Citrus Pepper Beef, Mama Spicy Pork, Thai Fish Cakes, and More!  Thanks again for all of your support.

Back in Stock: Foco Aloe Vera

Many customers buy 10 or 20 packs at a time, and we just got more stock.  Packed by one of Thailand's premier food manufacturers. Aloe vera is naturally rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes that help to maintain tone of blood vessels, promote good circulation and decrease stress.|

This product has large "jello-like" chunks of aloe vera in a syrup.

SEE: Foco Aloe Vera

Mama Sitas Citrus Pepper Spice Mix

We really enjoy the perfect, unique, sour citrus flavor of this combined with pepper and beef.

The package states "A sizzling delight that zooms straight to the middle of the dinner table: chopped meat traditionally flavored with black pepper soy sauce, citrus & chopped onions. In Pampanga, the meat is boiled until very tender before being grilled or fried."

We prepared this in our kitchen quickly. You'll love it.

SEE: Mama Sitas Citrus Pepper Spice Mix

Adobo Savory

The package states "This garlicky concoction of spices serves as a perfect base for authentic Filipino adobe." 

We also like the nice peppery flavor to balance the garlic.

Simple to prepare, here we used chicken.

SEE: Adobo Savory

Back in Stock: Mama Namtok (Spicy Pork)

The instant noodles have a dark rich smoky broth, and it's not extremely spicy like other Mama noodles. This is namtok flavor (see our recipe for namtok). Add thinly sliced pork or beef, along with fresh cilantro, to make a more substantial meal.

Every package comes with three different spice packets. Just add boiling hot water to the noodles and spices, cover and set for a few minutes.

SEE: Mama Namtok (Spicy Pork)

Great Recipe! Thai Fish Cakes

We recently published this recipe and thought we'd share it again.  Easy to make and very authentic. 

SEE: Thai Fish Cakes

Back in Stock: Bin Bin Spicy Seaweed

A surprisingly strong seller, we just got more bin bin spicy seaweed. If you haven't tried these delightful crackers, please consider.  Very popular.

SEE: Bin Bin Spicy Seaweed

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