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Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

 Hello again and welcome back.  Today we have two new ways to create a seafood masterpiece from a simple pack of Mama noodles. Also, New Crop 2023 Thai jasmine rice is as fresh as can be, highly fragrant and ready to ship. Thanks for visiting!

NEW: Instant Chan Mama Noodle Seafood Masterpiece

Our favorite Thai instant noodles, made of pure rice stick noodles.

Here we show how to prepare two different versions of these noodles with fresh seafood.

This is a delicious soup made by simply adding boiling water, or you can turn it into something extraordinary.

SEE: Instant Chan Mama Noodle Seafood Masterpiece

Thai Jasmine Rice 2023 New Crop - Royal Umbrella

Every year in mid/late January we get the first 'New Crop' of Thai jasmine rice. This rice has a unique, slightly wet character. It was just harvested, packed and rushed to market like a new Beaujolais.

Getting new crop is a wonderful annual event.

Many people enjoy experiencing very new rice, as it has more fragrance and is slightly softer.

SEE: Thai Jasmine Rice 2023 New Crop 10 Pound

Thai Jasmine Rice 2023 New Crop - 5 Pound Royal Umbrella

Also available in the strong, resealable 5 pound bag.

Offered at $2 per bag less than the 2022 rice. The 2023 New Crop is fresher and less expensive !

SEE: 2023 New Crop Royal Umbrella 5 Pound

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Thai New Crop 2023 Jasmine Rice Update

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