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Thai Recipe and Fresh Basil Update / ImportFood

Hello again and Welcome Back.  Today we have excellent quality Fresh Thai Basil for delivery to you in 2 days at a great price. We haven't offered this for several months but conditions are ideal now and we are happy to arrange this for you.

In Season - Fresh Thai Basil

Currently offering excellent quality fresh Thai basil via 2 Day Fedex. You get a large bundle, approximately 14 oz.

Thai basil has a unique flavor unlike traditional basil. This is "Horapa" (sweet basil).

SEE: Fresh Thai Basil

RECIPE: Spicy Chicken with Fresh Thai Basil

This very simple Thai spicy chicken dish uses just a few ingredients, yet is loaded with flavor. We prepared this recipe in two different versions -- one with fresh red chilli and one with fresh green chilli

The key is to use a generous amount of fresh, fragrant Thai sweet basil.

SEE: Spicy Chicken with Fresh Thai Basil

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