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New Crop 2022 Jasmine Rice is Here

Better late than never, New Crop 2022 Thai Jasmine Rice arrived today.  Wonderful new crop character and priced the same as last season so it's a good value all things considering.  We also have new 'fresh' Thai noodles from innovative FF, along with a fantastic recipe to share.  Please get this New Crop Rice and taste the difference!

New Crop 2022 Thai Jasmine Rice - Royal Umbrella

2022 New Crop Rice has just arrived so you can now enjoy early crop rice which is slightly 'wet' after cooking, having a unique freshly-harvested fragrance also,

Royal Umbrella brand is what we consider the 'best of the best', appreciated by connoiseurs for it's deep fragrance and nice texture.

SEE: New Crop 2022 Thai Jasmine Rice - Royal Umbrella

NEW: Instant Thai 'Fresh' Noodles from FF

These 'instant fresh' noodles are brand new from FF, an innovative company that created noodle bowls.

Just boil for a few minutes then use in stir-fry as a typical fresh egg noodle would, or fry in oil for a spectacular crispy noodle meal. We demonstrate now to use them, see our recipe here.

Each bag weighs 14.4 oz and contains 10 pancake-style servings. Each of these pancakes makes one large serving.

SEE Instant Thai 'Fresh' Noodles from FF

NEW Recipe: Thai Stir Fry Over Crispy Noodles

Here's a delicious Thai stir fry served two ways:

1/ over crispy noodles
2/ with boiled noodles

Using our new FF Thai noodles, we prefer the crispy version and know you'll love it.

SEE: Thai Stir Fry Over Crispy Noodles

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