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Thai Recipe and Japan Update /

Hello again. As holiday season approaches we are getting a few dozen handmade razor-sharp Japanese santoku, selling at cost. Our 'vintage' street vendor video channel is suddenly getting more traffic. Shot before anyone had heard of Youtube; our unscripted Pre-iPhone videos are worth a new look. Also see our handprinted ceramic bowls and more.  Thanks for visting!

On Sale - Stingray Tip Japanese Santoku

At $140 we are selling this at our cost while supplies last. We wait 3 months to get a few dozen, and our next shipment will be more expensive due to higher costs across the board. This would make a very impressive gift and provide life-long use for any chef.

SEE: Stingray Tip Japanese Santoku

Handpainted Thai Ceramic Bowl

Looks even better than the photos. Gorgeous design and high quality ceramic glaze.

SEE: Thai Ceramic Bowl

Vintage Street Vendor Video: Basil Chicken

We started filming in 2008 with an 8mm tape camera and wide angle lens. Hosted at, before pocket phone cameras and a new culture of more orchestrated, scripted content. Our videos show an early time when chefs didn't even notice, and just cooked naturally. 

Here's one of our most popular videos. Take a look back in time and see over 100 of our unscripted videos from the same era.

SEE: Vintage Street Vendor Video: Basil Chicken

Fresh Kaffir Lime Leaves

As we enter winter, the leaves start to go to sleep and lose their luscious character. Expect thinner, less fragrant leaves starting December through March/April. We still have a lot of very high quality fresh lime leaves being harvested this week so please consider ordering now what you may need through March.  These leaves freeze very well and ship good in the current cool weather too.

SEE: Fresh Kaffir Lime Leaves

Extra Fine Chilli Powder, Hand Brand

This is Hand Brand's hottest Thai chile powder, ground up into a very fine powder. Pop the lid and shake a bit out. This is the easiest way to give any meal an instant kick of true Thai chile heat.

SEE: Extra Fine Chilli Powder, Hand Brand

Thai Chilli and Recipe Update /
Thai Recipe and Flat Rate Shipping Update

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