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Thai Recipe and Flat Rate Shipping Update

 Hello again and Welcome Back! For the next two days only we're offering $5 Flat Rate Shipping, We just got a high quality all natural Thai Cane Sugar, our Machete Cleaver is back in stock in time for the holidays, Miracle Knife, Carving Set, and more. Thanks for supporting as we enter our 20th year in business!

NEW: Thai Cane Sugar, All Natural

Aroy-D's new, high quality all natural cane sugar. Similar to palm sugar, first it's removed from the cane then gently boiled until a nice sticky sugar remains. That's formed into cakes as shown.

The sugar is slightly soft, and is perfect for cooking but also just break off a piece for an all natural candy. It's got a complex flavor, so much more than plain white sugarcane. 

SEE: Thai Cane Sugar

Back in Stock: Handmade Thai Machete Cleaver

Entirely made by hand with heavy steel. This is very rustic and at the same time a work of art. 
It's entirely pounded and sharpened by hand, and will give you years of use. Ready to sharpen over and over again.

SEE: Machete Cleaver

Back in Stock: 3 Piece Carving Set Kom-Kom Thailand

Made by Kiwi, in Kom Kom brand. There is a long tradition of fruit & vegetable carving in Thailand, and we are pleased to offer this set of three specialized knives that are precisely the same thing used by the experts in Thailand.

SEE: Carving Set Kom-Kom Thailand

 Back in Stock: Miracle Knife Zig Zag Kom-Kom Thailand

Wonderful for carrots and cucumbers. Designed years ago in Thailand, Miracle Knife is extremely efficient and the package contains great instructions.

SEE: Miracle Knife Zig Zag

Our Least Popular Item

In case you were wondering, this has got to be our least popular item. We haven't sold one for probably two years.  Several dozen of them in stock.  Very high quality ceramic and lovely export quality hand painted with thick glaze. Not sure why, but we almost never sell this guy.  

SEE: ImportFood's Least Popular Item

Brand New Stock: Flying Lion Fish Sauce - Large Bottle

 We just got a shipment of this very premium fish sauce. Produced in September, and just got here.  

Flying Lion is the ultra-premium fish sauce manufactured by Three Crabs. It's expensive and many people swear it's worth the high cost. You won't find restaurants spending this much on fish sauce. According to the manufacturer, it has a smooth flavor and pleasant sweetness. It's definitely a superior product that you can use with the confidence of knowing you paid for and received the best.

SEE: Flying Lion Large Bottle

 Back in Stock - Thai Chicken Batter Mix

This is curiously one of our most popular items lately, for some reason we sold all we had a few weeks ago and just got more.

This batter perfectly coats your chicken (or vegetables, as we made fried mushrooms and onions that turned out excellent). Simply mix this with water and sugar (see mix below). You really can't go wrong, and it's just excellent batter.

SEE: Thai Chicken Batter Mix

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