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Thai Recipe and New Sriracha Update / ImportFood

Hello again and thanks for watching our updates.  Last week we got a small quantity of Sriraja Panich sri racha sauce from Golden Mountain, and the quality is not only extremely fresh but wonderful hot spice with subtle fruit flavors.  We still have more on hand and won't likely get more for a long time so please consider it if you haven't ordered already.  Thanks for your support!

Sriracha Sauce, Sriraja Panich Brand

Back in America after several years, missed by many customers! We just got a small quantity, as this is made in small batches for export.

A tall 20 oz glass bottle. It's probably the most common sriracha in Thailand, used far and wide throughout the country and well-known by all.

Flavor is very rich, spicy, slightly fruity, just right for a sriracha. We know you will love it.

SEE: Sriraja Panich

Mama Pho Chicken - Chan Clear Noodles

New shipment just arrived.  This has become one of our best selling noodles from Mama.  New style of Mama, made using premium chantaboon rice stick noodles. Serving size is 1.94 oz dry, which is a bit larger than most Mama noodle packs. One bowl can fill you up, and the pho chicken is just as you might hope for--a chicken broth with a spice packet to add if you prefer some chilli heat.

Add the three separate spice packets, then add hot water, and let sit for 3 minutes.

SEE: Mama Pho Chicken - Chan Clear Noodles

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Thai Recipe and Sriracha Update / ImportFood

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