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Tao Oven is Back / ImportFood

The Tao oven is one of our most successful cookware products and it's been out of stock for over a year but tomorrow we get a new shipment straight from Thailand where they were made all three designs for us by hand. We also have freshly-ground Thai pepper powder from Hand Brand.

Tao Charcoal Burner - Made in Thailand - Original Design

Back in Stock. Used for generations, this clay oven is now more efficient than ever thanks to a new design which has captured the interest of Thai academics and government officials who are promoting it as a great way to reduce fuel consumption. Using very little charcoal, this cooker produces enough heat to stir-fry small or large woks, boil water, or barbecue meats. We're importing this from the innovator who is credited with the improved design.

SEE: Tao Charcoal Burner - Made in Thailand - Original Design

Tao Charcoal Burner, Oval

These are shorter, with a unique shape, the quality is exactly the same (thick clay, strong metal container, lined with dirt and sealed with concrete). The shorter Tao are apparently more difficult to make so the price is not much different than the larger traditional Tao.

SEE: Tao Charcoal Burner, Oval

Tao Charcoal Burner, Round

Made by hand, a clay oven is set into a metal container that is completely shaped and fastened by hand. Then a special black sandy dirt is pushed between the metal and clay using a wide tool that resembles a chisel. A thin layer of black mud is coated on the top surface (this prevents heat from escaping). Finally, concrete is used to seal it all up, and it's banded across the base. The result is a heavy-duty oven that you will enjoy for years.

SEE: Thai Charcoal Burner, Round

Fresh Pack - Thai Pepper Powder, Hand Brand

Just ground in the last two weeks. Made by Hand Brand, a third generation Thai spice company that champions this powder as what started it all. Superb aroma, great flavor.

We are currently shipping this in a thick plastic resealable package as shown. You get 40 grams, which is about 5 tablespoons, and double the quantity we shipped when it was sold in the tin can for the same price.

SEE: Fresh Pack - Thai Pepper Powder, Hand Brand

Back in Stock - Thai Red Curry Paste - Mae Pranom

Fresh pack from Mae Pranom, this is the highest quality curry paste we've ever offered.  Has been out of stock and we just got fresh pack in limited quantity.  

Taste is 'Hot". Flavor is rich, elegant, and bright. The recipe is tried-and-true, freshest ingredients, so you can make the very best red curry.

Ingredients: dried chilli, garlic, onion, lemongrass, galangal, kaffir lime skin, shrimp paste, pepper, salt

No preservatives. No artificial colors. No msg.

Made in Thailand.

SEE: Thai Red Curry Paste - Mae Pranom

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