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Hello again from your online Thai Supermarket. Today we feature a unique southern recipe that you'll rarely find outside of Thailand, see detailed recipe and video -- both prepared by our relatives in Thailand.  Back in Stock is the Tai Pla sauce.  We also have Jungle Curry, new Tom Klong from Wai Wai, our freshest New Crop 2018 jasmine rice, and epic batch of Amazing Elephant Tom Kha.

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Feature Recipe: Gaeng Tai Pla

You'll almost never find in Gang Tai Pla outside of Thailand; the flavor is not typically associated with the western palate.  We present here exactly as prepared by our family in Thailand.  For those who dare to eat a truly unique Thai taste.

SEE: Gaeng Tai Pla Recipe

 Street Vendor Video: Gaeng Tai Pla

See our cousin from the southern province of Pattani cook it the original way, with a fish bladder paste that we offer at

SEE: Street Vendor Video - Gaeng Tai Pla

Back in Stock: Tai Pla (Pickled Fish Bladder)

This is the pickled fish bladder (Tai Pla) used to make the soup, using a heavy dose of spices and large chunks of dried fish meat. Lately people all over Thailand crave the Tai Pla that comes from various regions, and packed in different brands.

SEE: Tai Pla

 Back in Stock: Kaeng Par Jungle Curry

In the northern and remote village areas of Thailand curries are made without coconut milk in order to keep costs down, thus the term "jungle curry". The taste is rich in herbs and spices, and not nearly as fattening as curries made with coconut base. This is a vegetarian curry paste also.

SEE: Kaeng Par / Jungle Curry Paste

NEW: Instant Noodle Wai Wai Tom Klong - New Flavor

Here is a brand new flavor. It is called 'Tom Klong'. Tom Klong is similar to Tom Yum flavor, hot and sour soup, but the herbs are roasted first which gives the soup a mild smokey flavor. 

SEE: Wai Wai Instant Noodle Tom Klong


Brand new fresh (2018) crop rice just arrived on January 11, the very first arrival. Rice this fresh is slightly wet, with bright, strong jasmine aroma. Within 8 weeks or so, the rice will harden up and lack the really young character, but also be more firm after cooking. If you like jasmine rice, try this unique fresh crop.



Two weeks ago we finished a fresh new batch of Amazing Elephant Tom Kha, and this is our best ever. An 'Epic Batch'. The coconut milk was fresh, had just arrived from Thailand a few days before. But probably the best thing about this batch is the fact that we had beautiful fresh chile peppers at perfect maturity, These late season chillies were a particular variety; created the perfect bold heat with high heat yet mellow finish. Try this batch if you like Tom Kha. It's our best ever.

 SEE: Amazing Elephant Tom Kha

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Monday, 06 April 2020

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