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February Thai Recipe and Flat Rate Shipping Update

Hello again and welcome to our February 2018 update.   We have some new items never before offered, back in stock from Lobo, and $5 Flat Rate Shipping for two days only.  Thanks for visiting!

​NEW: Flying Lion Fish Sauce

Offered for the first time, Flying Lion is the ultra-premium fish sauce manufactured by Three Crabs. It's expensive--you won't find restaurants spending this much on fish sauce. According to the manufacturer, it has a smooth flavor and pleasant sweetness. One of the best chefs we know swears that nothing compares.

SEE: Flying Lion Fish Sauce

Back in Stock: Fashion Food Tom Yum - Tom Klong

Instant noodle bowls with great flavor and nice reusable packaging.  Each pack looks like a little flying saucer, it's a bowl and a lid. Add boiling water to the noodles, mix in the three different spice packets, place the lid on the bowl and wait 3 minutes. Eat with the fork included. The taste is just wonderful. Everything about this says 'Quality'.

We have Tom Yum Seafood and Tom Kong back in stock.

SEE: Fashion Food Instant Noodles

Back in Stock: Holy Basil Seasoning Paste

We just got a large shipment of Lobo products, and this is the most popular.

Simply get out your wok or skillet, add this packet together with 3 tablespoons vegetable oil and fry until an incredibly fragrant aroma fills your kitchen. Then add your favorite meat and/or vegetables, cook and serve with fresh jasmine rice. Terrific! The flavor is the perfect combination of basil and a spicy hint of heat from the chile. Each packet has enough to make one large serving. 

SEE: Holy Basil Seasoning Paste

 Back in Stock: Spicy Chicken in Rice

A quick and easy Thai-style spicy chicken-in-rice seasoning mix, and this is DELICIOUS! The flavor is more southern Thai, hint of Indian influence,

SEE: Spicy Chicken in Rice

​Back in Stock: Pad Thai Sauce, Lobo

Each package includes one packet of pad Thai sauce, and one packet of crushed peanuts vacuum sealed. There are good instructions on the package, and it only takes a few minutes. Our very first batch was a success, and after that we made three more. This is a delicious instant Pad Thai!

SEE: Pad Thai Sauce, Lobo

NEW: Lobo Laab Seasoning Mix

Very easy to make and the final result is a delicious, authentic, rich flavor. Instructions are on the package. Basically just cook ground pork in a pan, add water then add the package of Lobo laab-namtok. Garnish with cucumber, shallot, mint leaves and spring onion. 

SEE: Lobo Laab Namtok

New Crop Jasmine Rice

The new crop is just here, offering the highest quality at a great deal given our $5 flat rate deal.

SEE: New Crop Thai Jasmine Rice


A few weeks ago we finished a fresh new batch of Amazing Elephant Tom Kha, and this is our best ever. An 'Epic Batch'. The coconut milk was fresh, had just arrived from Thailand a few days before. But probably the best thing about this batch is the fact that we had beautiful fresh chile peppers at perfect maturity, These late season chillies were a particular variety; created the perfect bold heat with high heat yet mellow finish. Try this batch if you like Tom Kha. It's our best ever.

SEE: Amazing Elephant Tom Kha 

Back in Stock Items / Discontinued Sriraja Panich
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