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Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

Many items are back in stock, as we just got a shipment directly from Thailand arriving this morning.  Please take a look at what just arrived.

Back in Stock: Thai Holy Basil Paste - Mae Pranom

Since we ran out of this recently, it's the one thing we get the most emails requesting.  To use, just a bit of oil to your wok and start to fry the meat of your choice. Then add this paste and stir until the meat is done and you can smell the fragrant chile/basil mixture. 

SEE: Thai Holy Basil Paste - Mae Pranom

Back in Stock: Yellow Can Prik Pao - Mae Pranom

Freshest pack just arrived from Thailand. We are the first to import this fantastic product direct from Mae Pranom, the most delicious 'Prik Pao' you will ever taste. This is the 'Yellow Label' that Mae Pranom makes for the local Thai market.

SEE: Yellow Can Prik Pao - Mae Pranom

NEW: Ground Red Chilli w/ Garlic

Here is a very high quality ground Thai chilli with garlic and vinegar that adds a complex flavor in a wide variety of uses.

These ground red Thai chili peppers are strong but not overpowering, a very nice medium heat pickled pepper.

SEE: Ground Red Chilli w/ Garlic

Back in Stock: Namprik Thai Tae - Mae Pranom

This is called 'Namprik Thai Tae' which means Real Thai Namprik. Loaded with flavor: a combination of salty and spicy, from dried shrimp and crushed chilli peppers.

You could not ask for a better company than Mae Pranom to make this one. They are so focused on making real, authentic Thai food using the finest ingredients.

SEE; Namprik Thai Tae - Mae Pranom

Back in Stock: Thai Granite Mortar and Pestle

The highest quality mortar and pestle you will ever find. What sets it apart from others is the generous capacity, the beautiful appearance, and you can whack it as hard as you can without fear of chip or crack. You'll know when you pick it up that it will last a lifetime--they're very heavy and solid. The mortar is carved by hammer & chisel from a single block of grante. 

SEE: Thai Granite Mortar and Pestle

​Back in Stock: Thai Street Vendor Cooler

We only have a few dozen of these.  In stock today, just arrived from Thailand.  Unique table-top design. You've never seen or felt a cooler so well-built, and we are happy to share the story of these coolers with you. Bags of ice were still solid after 5 days!

SEE: Thai Street Vendor Cooler

Thai Grocery Arrival Update / ImportFood
Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

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