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Thai Recipe Update /

Hello and Welcome Back. A best-selling Lobo spicy chicken is back in stock, and we have new fresh Thai produce with very spicy red Thai chilli, and highest quality shallots added for free while supplies last.  

Our authentic Thai sausage is fairly simple to make too.  Enjoy!  Thanks for your support.

Authentic Thai Sausage (Sai Oua) Recipe

Northern Thai sausage is easy to make, and the mix of ingredients leads to a spectacular result. Also watch our video (below left) showing how it's made.

You can't go wrong with this sausage. 

SEE: Authentic Thai Sai Oua Recipe

Fresh Thai Produce Kit - Red Chilli and Free Shallots

We have plenty of fresh Thai produce available today for immediate shipment via 2 Day.

This week we are shipping with beautiful, small, very hot RED Thai chilli peppers (80% red, 20% green).

You will also get one pound of shallots added at no charge.

SEE: Fresh Thai Produce Kit - Red Chilli and Free Shallots

 Back in Stock: Thai Spicy Chicken in Rice Seasoning, Lobo

One of our best-selling Lobo.  Rub contents of one package on 1 lb chicken. Marinate 15 minutes. Put chicken parts together with uncooked jasmine rice in a rice cooker. Simply turn on the rice cooker and it cooks together for 20 minutes. The result is fragrant, delicious yellow rice and moist chicken. 

SEE: Thai Spicy Chicken in Rice Seasoning, Lobo

Thai Supermarket & Recipe Update / ImportFood
Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

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