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Hello Friends.  We're seeing large-scale shortages nationwide on many Thai food items from various wholesalers but we have thus far stayed strong due to ordering directly from Thailand and strategically buying from our longterm local partners.  Less product is coming in but we're committed to being your reliable resource for the highest quality imported Thai grocery & cookware.  Get it while it's hot!

Back in Stock: Som Tum Salad Dressing

Absolutely delicious if you like to make a great tasting Som Tum (green papaya salad). Takes out the guesswork, as you just need to add this to your green papaya for an instant som tum.

Fermented Fish (green label) is very smelly, and the taste is "Super Real". This is as authentic Thai as it get.

SEE: Som Tum Salad Dressing

Back in Stock: Tom Kha Paste, Aroy-D

Use this to make a quick and delicious Tom Kha soup. 

All you need is to add coconut milk, and your own chicken & fresh mushrooms.

SEE: Tom Kha Paste, Aroy-D

Tom Yum Paste, Aroy-D

Aroy-D has just created this tom yum paste, which has just the right amount of citrus and sour flavor. We really like it and highly recommend you try.

Tom Yum Paste complements the above Tom Kha, as a dab can be added to your finished Tom Kha with great results.

SEE: Tom Yum Paste, Aroy-D

New Crop Royal Umbrella 5 Pound Thai Jasmine Rice

Royal Umbrella recently sent us a small shipment of their 5 pound bags, new crop fragrant Thai jasmine rice. Packed in attractive, strong and resealable 5 pound bags as shown.

This is New Crop 2021 highest quality export grade.

SEE: Royal Umbrella 5 Pound Thai Jasmine Rice

In Season - Fresh Shallots

Great Deal for these very fresh shallots. 

Grown in Oregon in excellent climate, and shipped all over the world (notably Japan and Korea -- prized for the high quality). These are export quality and could not be fresher, as they were just harvested.

The outer skin is red / slightly brown like a normal onion, but peel back two layers and see the rich purple color of the inner layers. The white flesh of the onion is succulent.

SEE: Fresh Shallots

Green Curry Soup - Aroy-D

Very delicious, authentic Thai green curry made in Thailand by Aroy-D. This is sold out everywhere but we still have plenty to offer.  Get it while it's hot.  A single can goes a long way and the price is great.

The green curry has very nice generous slices of bamboo shoots and sweet basil leaves. Simply pour into a saucepan, and heat to serve. We added 1/3 cup sliced chicken and let it simmer for 10 minutes before serving with jasmine rice. 

SEE: Green Curry Soup - Aroy-D

Back in Stock: 9" Sharp Point Knife, Kiwi Thailand

This knife has a slightly thicker blade than others of the same size.  Stunning appearance with matte black handle. Great value at $5.95.

SEE: 9" Sharp Point Knife, Kiwi Thailand

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