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Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

Brand new shipment with high quality, delicious Aroy-D soups at a great price. Palm sugar just arrived two days ago straight from Thailand and it typically has much better flavor and consistency when fresh, so it's a great time to get a few packs.  Aroy-D canned soups also just arrived and we can offer this restaurant quality product at a great price.

Thai Fried Garlic  - New Fresh Arrival

Thai garlic has bright, strong flavor and it's very fragrant.  This is a brand new shipment of the highest quality from Aroy-D.

Large container will go a long way.

Sprinkle these fried garlic bits on top of all Asian soups and noodles. Thai garlic is especially aromatic, and adds fragrance as well as flavor. 

SEE: Thai Fried Garlic - New Fresh Arrival

Pickled Ground Red Chilli with Garlic

Similar to the Huy Fong chilli paste with garlic that has been out of stock for the last year.  

High quality ground Thai chilli with garlic and vinegar that adds a complex flavor in a wide variety of uses.

These ground red Thai chili peppers are strong but not overpowering, a very nice medium heat pickled pepper.

We enjoyed serving this along with barbecue steak. We also put it in a small bowl and added some fish sauce -- a very tasty dipping sauce.

SEE: Pickled Ground Red Chilli with Garlic

 Just Arrived - Thai Palm Sugar

All natural, pure palm sugar, that just arrived and typically brand new stock fresh from being poured has superior flavor and consistency.  Great time to order.

Comes sealed in a modern package as shown, from Aroy-D. The highest sanitary standard. It can be also eaten as candy. Consistency is firm but slightly soft, making it more simple to use than the inferior rock hard palm sugar some are selling.

You get 8 small cakes, simply shave off what you need with a knife or use a hand grater (see photos), and it dissolves nicely in the cooking process. Use with curries, gourmet dishes, sauces, and various desserts.

Ingredients: Palm Sugar 100%.

SEE: Thai Palm Sugar

Thai Red Curry, 14 oz can

Ready to eat from the can if you simply reheat it, but we really improved the taste. Great price.

Ingredients: coconut milk, water, pumpkin, chile oil, red curry paste (dried red chile, garlic, lemongrass, shallot, salt, galangal, kaffir lime peel, corriander seed, cumin powder), basil leaves, sugar, red chile, salt, kaffir lime leaves. 

Product of Thailand.

Thai Red Curry, 14 oz can

Tom Yum Soup, Aroy-D 14 oz can

This tom yum soup is made with an authentic 'Thai Taste', a strong blend of both sour and spicy. 

It is restaurant quality at a great price.

Ingredients: water, mushroom, lemongrass, soybean oil, sugar, shallot, galangal, chile, salt, coriander, red chile, kaffir lime leaves, citric acid, lime.

SEE: Tom Yum Soup, Aroy-D 14 oz can

Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood
November Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

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