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November Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

Hello again and Welcome Back. Fresh Thai produce looks great this week, Mae Pranom prik pao is fresh as can be as well, and we have lot of handmade Thai granite mortar and pestles to offer.  Thanks for visiting!

Fresh Tom Yum Kit

We have very nice fresh produce this week especially the Thai chilli peppers and lemongrass. Nice time to order this kit. Freeze what you don't need right away.

At most morning markets in Thailand, and even in local neighborhood 7-11 shops, a "Tom Yum Kit" is sold containing a handful of lemongrass, galangal, chiles, lime leaves, and if you're lucky a lime or two. 

Excellent quality fresh Thai herbs shipped to you via 2 Day Fedex for a really great price. It's not too common that in the middle of winter we have such an abundance of great quality fresh tom yum ingredients.

SEE: Fresh Tom Yum Kit

Fresh Lemongrass

Nice quality this week, with large stalks and new harvest.  Lemongrass adds a distinctive, pleasant citrus aroma to a wide range of Thai food. Akey point of using it in Thai food is for the aroma--to add the sensation of the scent, or to mask any undesirable odors of beef, poulty or fish. Lemongrass is also known throughout the world for it's medicinal effects, including general pain relief, reducing blood pressure, reducing intestinal gas, helping to improve the appetite, it detoxifies vital organs, and is known to reduce cholesterol, excess fats and other toxins. Lemongrass stimulates digestion, blood circulation, and lactation.

SEE: Fresh Lemongrass

Fresh Stock: Prik Pao - Roasted Chili in Oil - Mae Pranom Brand

Prik Pao (or "namprik pao") is legendary in Thailand and has been a staple in Thai households for generations. 

For a quick and delicious spicy meal, simply set one tablespoon prik pao in a small dish. Next to that, a bowl of steamed jasmine rice. 

Mae Pranom is the premium quality, tastiest brand of prik pao.

SEE: Prik Pao - Roasted Chili in Oil - Mae Pranom Brand

Thai Instant Fresh Noodle 10 Pack

These 'instant fresh' noodles are brand new from FF, an innovative company.

Just boil for a few minutes then use in stir-fry as a typical fresh egg noodle would, or fry in oil for a spectacular crispy noodle meal. We demonstrate now to use them, see our recipe here.

Each bag weighs 14.4 oz and contains 10 pancake-style servings. Each of these pancakes makes one large serving.

SEE: Thai Instant Fresh Noodle

Solid Granite Thai Mortar and Pestle

Used constantly in your kitchen to mash ingredients in preparing all kinds of recipes.

Made of a particular hard granite perfect for the purpose.

The 7" offers the same great performance of a heavy pestle and extremely hard stone to pound in, and is still convenient for smaller kitchens with less counter space.

SEE: Solid Granite Thai Mortar and Pestle

Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood
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