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Thai Rice and Noodle Update / ImportFood

​Royal Umbrella brand is the highest quality Thai jasmine rice, and we just received a shipment of 10# bags from Thailand. We also have special on our favorite Mama rice noodle, Phnom Pen is back in stock, and more.

​Royal Umbrella Thai Jasmine Rice

Just arrived yesterday, new crop 10# bags. Supplies are still very tight so we are promoting this with our newsletter customers only.

SEE: Royal Umbrella Thai Jasmine Rice

 Mama Chan Clear

Just received plenty of our favorite Mama instant noodles - Chan Clear. Made of high quality rice (pho) noodles rather than the typical yellow wheat noodles. We've lowered the price as well so consider loading up as this has been difficult to keep in stock.

SEE: Mama Chan Clear

Back in Stock: Mama Phnom Pen

This is a new flavor from Mama, a gently spiced soup they call Phnom Pen style. We enjoyed making this with thinly sliced beef (see picture), fresh cilantro and lime. 

SEE: Mama Phnom Pen

Back in Stock: Original Steel Thai Street Vendor Wok

Here is our original street vendor wok, made of heavy-duty steel, we've offered for years. Note the crafted handle shaped from the same sheet of steel.

SEE: Thai Street Vendor Wok

Back in Stock: Zebra Thailand Rice Serving Bowl w/Spoon

Our stainless steel rice serving bowl is made by Zebra-Head using the finest materials and craftsmanship. It has a nice heavy, solid feel. Superior quality overall, will last for many years.

SEE: Rice Serving Bowl w/Spoon

Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood
May Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

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