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Thai Street Vendor Prepares Thai-Style Noodles in Gravy, Ladna

Thai Street Vendor Prepares Thai-Style Noodles in Gravy, Ladna


Here is a recipe that probably rates among the most popular in Thai restaurants worldwide, notably in the United States where it seems everyone loves it. Ladna, also spelled Radna, means in Thai language "pour on the face" (rad is the verb to pour, na means face). In this recipe noodles are first made and set aside, then the gravy is made and poured on top, thus the name.

We love this vendor because she follows the traditional steps, and the final result is always delicious. Note in the first picture the noodles being fried in the wok, and depending on how you like the noodles, cook them longer if you like a bit crispy. You can try any noodles with radna but usually, as in the case here, wide rice noodles are used.

After the noodles are cooked and set aside, the vegetables are cooked along with the rest of the gravy. Meat is usually already cooked and set aside, then tossed in to cook a bit more with the gravy. Chinese Kale is usually used with ladna, the vegetable is important in this dish. She also adds a bit of Golden Mountain sauce to add flavor.

Here you can see her using the aluminum food funnel so common throughout Thailand, which channels the gravy over the noodles, set in a plastic bag. With a good helping of fresh green vegetables, ladna is a healthy main course that can be enjoyed as a breakfast, lunch or dinner, and it's suitable for all ages thanks to the soft gravy and noodles.


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