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Somen Noodles, 16 oz pack

Somen Noodles, 16 oz pack
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Made in Japan, a large 16 oz package that comes in elegant packaging -- you get five separate bundles wrapped with a small black cloth band.

There's a recipe on the package for stir-fry noodles.  

As shown below, we boiled one bundle for a few minutes then rinsed in cold water and set aside.  Separately, mix together sliced uncooked shrimp, sliced pork, and sliced green onion. Season that mix with salt, pepper, and a bit of hontsuyu.  Now stir-fry that meat mixture in a bit of oil, until cooked.  Add cooked somen into the frying pan, followed by sliced yellow onion and a few tablespoons of hontsuyu.  Stir-fry until thoroughly mixed.  Then serve with a bit of sliced fresh red chilli peppers, green onion, fresh bean sprouts (optional) and fresh lime wedge.  

These thin white noodles made from wheat flour are perfect for making Khanom Jin, the classic Thai dish of noodles topped with a colorful fish curry and an abundance of fresh green vegetables. Also see them pounded up in a jungle salad, Thai style.

These are top quality noodles, each 16 oz pack contains 5 neat bundles.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, salt, water. No additives. Product of Japan.

We also offer Japanese Udon and Soba noodles.


One Package Somen

One Package Somen

Stir-Fried Somen

Stir-Fried Somen



Noodles with Fish Curry, 'Khanom Jin'

This is a classic Thai dish often served at celebrations such as an engagement or wedding party, or other auspicious occasion. It's time-consuming and often prepared by a well-trained expert. The unique, fragrant aroma of krachai adds to the mystique. Take it slow and easy when you prepare it, and enjoy the process. We know you'll enjoy the delicious result.

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