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Thai Juice Cart Container

Thai Juice Cart Container
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Juice and coffee vendors selling from carts in Thailand often use these large, round, hand-blown glass containers to display their fresh drinks, as shown in the picture below a coffee and tea vendor has them in front, simply covered with plates.

A few months ago we got an email from a lady who recognized them in our story of the coffee and tea vendor. She said her mother-in-law brought one home from Thailand in the 1970s, loved it, but it had broken after 30 years of use. She asked us if we could get one to replace her mother's favorite glass container. What a nice daugher! Here is our daughter Claire showing off two quarts of fresh Lime Aid she made on a sunny day, in the juice cart container that we now have available for you. Consider our 3/8 cup capacity soup ladle also, it goes together well with the container.

It's about 11" tall, 7" wide, and holds a generous 25 cups (1.6 gallons). The glass is just right--durable but not too thick which would make it too heavy. In order to safely get these here from Thailand we had to have them packed into a custom wood crate, and we double-box them when shipping to you via UPS, so the price is a lot higher than what you might pay in Bangkok. We think it's a treasure you'll really enjoy especially during summer. Product of Thailand.

Claire's Limeaid
Juice of 15 fresh limes
3/4 cup sugar
2 quarts water

In a small saucepan warm sugar with 1 cup water, stirring to dissolve. Put lime juice into tall glass container. Add two quarts of water. Add sugar syrup. Mix well and enjoy!

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