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Bangkok Sidewalk Vendor, Nattaporn Ice Cream

Bangkok Sidewalk Vendor, Nattaporn Ice Cream

This vendor is part of our comprehensive report on the outstanding food finds in Bangkok's Saochingcha area.

Nattaporn Ice Cream is a tiny, nondescript ice cream stand that's easy to miss. Walk right by and you'd never know this is where Thailand's best icecream is sold. Nattaporn is one of the important fixtures in the area, using the best ingredients and helping keep the reputation of this area as always offering the best food.

Nattaporn has been making ice cream for over 60 years, and the current recipe is from Nattaporn's mother who started the shop right where it is today They use only all natural ingredients, no artificial flavors of any kind.

Coconut flavor icecream is their all-time classic, and that's what is written in Thai language on the little sign hanging on the top of the door. They also offer ice cream made from fresh cow's milk. Chocolate flavor is offered, as is traditional Thai icetea and coffee flavors.

Toppings at Nattaporn include red bean, peanut, crispy roasted mung bean, corn, taro, sticky rice (popular and often sold out by afternoon), lotus seed, and toddy palm. They also make fresh light cakes which are usually sold out by afternoon, so get there early if you want to try the cake.

This street-level shop on Dinsor Road is a local institution, as grandma (shown in the pictures with her granddaughter) has been making delicious meatball soup at the same location for 60 years. How many restaurants can say that? Experience shows--in the friendly greeting you get when walking in, and the organization and cleanliness of the food, and especially in the soup which is extremely rich.

We ordered an assortment of icecream and toppings, and everything was wonderful.

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They are open from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM. Phone number is 02-221-3954. Address is 94 Thanon Phraeng Phuton, Phranakorn Bangkok. See our free map!

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