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Koh Kred Island, Artisan Food and Pottery

  • We hope you enjoy this video tour of Koh Kred Island, which is an easy one hour commute from Bangkok. The island, in the Chao Phraya river, has just a few thousand residents. Originally settled about 300 years ago the island is still home to ethnic Mon people who offer a wide range of artisan food, and a pottery village using traditional methods.

    There are no cars on the island, so enjoy fresh air for a change. A bicycle path on the island welcomes everyone.

    Koh Kred is just a bit more than one mile long, so travel by foot for a few hours and see most of everything. Enjoy traditional Thai food prepared patiently, everywhere you look.

    There are also fruit orchards for anyone to see, including durian, lychee, and mangosteen. Finding these attractions is easy, as there is an information lady at the boat dock.

    This is a popular tourist destination for Thais, and there are very few foreign tourists. Lack of diversity is very important for a lot of tourists--you will find it here. products used in this video:

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