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Amazing Elephant Tom Kha Soup

Amazing Elephant Tom Kha Soup
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We plan to make a new, small batch again in another 10-12 weeks if we can get bulk quantity of coconut mik which is in short supply right now.

It's All In The Pouch. After years of development and investing in America, we are happy to introduce this. Ready-to-eat, premium quality, authentic and delicious Tom Kha soup made in small batches using the highest quality ingredients. Amazing Elephant brand puts everything in the pouch and cooks it to perfection.

Even If You Are New to Tom Kha, You Will Love This Soup!

To heat, simply put the pouch in boiling water for 3 minutes then open and serve alone or over rice. You can also microwave it for 90 seconds. It's all inside, so you don't need to add a thing.

This all-natural, gluten-free, preservative-free soup is precooked in a modern BPA-free pouch that's shelf stable for two years but tastes like it was just made fresh. Premium ingredients and sophisticated preparation ensure that this rivals anything a Thai restaurant serves.

We offer two versions

1. Tom Kha (no meat). New Small Batch Just Completed. If you like Tom Kha over rice, or with chicken or shrimp, here's a large (9 oz) serving. Simply heat and serve alone or add meat of your choice. Also very good with fresh mushrooms.

Ingredients: coconut milk, water, lime juice, fish sauce (anchovies, salt, sugar), cane sugar, galangal, carrots, celery, Thai chili peppers, onions, lemongrass, Kaffir lime, shallots, tapioca starch, garlic, dried chiles, Kaffir lime leaf powder.

Contains: Fish (anchovy), Tree Nuts (coconut)

2. Tom Kha Smoked Salmon: Currently Not Avail. Tom Kha served with smoked Alaskan wild salmon is a combination made in heaven. If you're familiar with Tom Kha chicken, you must try it with smoked salmon. It's "Out of This World" delicious. Each pouch contains a generous 2 oz portion of smoked salmon.

Ingredients: coconut milk, smoked Sockeye or Coho salmon (Sockeye or Coho salmon, salt, natural alder smoke), water, lime juice, fish sauce (anchovies, salt, sugar), cane sugar, galangal, carrots, celery, Thai chili peppers, onions, lemongrass, kaffir lime, shallots, tapioca starch, garlic, dried chiles, kaffir lime leaf powder.


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Tom Kha (no meat) - 9oz - Not Avail
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Tom Kha Smoked Salmon - 9oz - (Not Avail)
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Tom Kha (no meat) - Five 9oz Pouches - Not Avail 
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Tom Kha Smoked Salmon - Five 9oz Pouches - (Not Avail)
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Case of 10 Pouches (regular flavor) - Not Avail
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Combo Pack of 10 (5 each flavor) -  (Not Avail)


Combo pack tom kha

Combo pack tom kha


Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts

Tom Kha Pouch

Tom Kha Pouch

Boil for 3 Minutes

Boil for 3 Minutes

or Microwave 2 Minutes

or Microwave 2 Minutes

Finished Tom Kha

Finished Tom Kha


The Recipe. For this particular finished product, we're not sharing the recipe (it took years to perfect); but there is no question that it tastes authentic, otherwise we woudn't do it. Our soup rivals anything made from scratch in any famous Thai restaurant (it's *that* good) and simply blows away the existing competition from the likes of Lobo or Por Kwan in their premade Tom Kha instant mixes -- there is no comparison. Once you've tasted this, you may not order Tom Kha at a restaurant again. Here is a good recipe for tom kha if you really do want to make it at home from scratch.

For 15 years we've specialized in demonstrating truly authentic Thai recipes, with Tom Kha being one of our website's most popular, for good reason. The combination of coconut milk, galangal, lemongrass, lime juice and chile peppers creates a sensational flavor that somehow transcends taste preferences around the world. Everyone, everywhere, it seems, loves the flavor of Tom Kha.

Premium Ingredients, Sophisticated Technology, Artisan "Small Batch" Method. We're passionate about delivering a premium product, and confident that after years of experience dealing with the finest growers and purveyors, nobody can do it better. Our process involves preparing relatively small batches. The founder of literally chooses every fresh ingredient that goes into each batch, and is in the facility personally watching every step of the process.

Everything is Fresh -- None of the Ingredients Have Been Frozen.

Galangal. The galangal we use is sourced from Hawaii, chosen at the perfect stage to ensure excellent taste and aroma. It comes out of the ground and into our facility within 3 days. We slice the fresh roots by hand just minutes before it goes into the soup. It would be nearly impossible for anyone to make this soup with a fresher galangal.

Lime Juice. We carefully select the best fresh limes from a wholesale market in Seattle and squeeze the limes on location. No prepackaged lime juice--just the real thing, fresh-squeezed. This is very time-consuming but we wouldn't have it any other way. One of the highlights of our soup is the rich taste of fresh lime.

Chiles and Lemongrass. We use the perfect mix of fresh red Thai chiles and lemongrass sourced from the market in Southern California. Every stalk and every chile is selected with our own eyes and cut by hand the same day our soup is made.

Garlic and Shallots. We use the highest quality fresh shallots, which come from a small farm in Washington State, and our garlic is a special variety grown in Oregon.

Coconut Milk. We use ONLY fresh-pack, all-natural, preservative-free, 100% pure coconut milk. As a direct importer from Thailand for many years, we've established ourselves with what we believe is the best producer of all-natural coconut milk. You are getting the "best of the best" in our soup.

Fish Sauce. We use only high quality fish sauce from Thailand.

Why is it in a Pouch? This is no ordinary pouch--it's the highest quality pouch available anywhere in the world. The pouch is modern, BPA free, simple to use, relatively inexpensive, and far easier on the environment than cans. Our soup is cooked entirely in the pouch in a modern facility using high heat and a relatively long cooking time, under high pressure. The final result is not just a superb product, but one that is shelf-stable for two years. Store the pouch at room temperature, no refrigeration required.


State Of The Art Facility

State Of The Art Facility

Fresh Red Thai Chiles

Fresh Red Thai Chiles

Fresh Lemongrass, Prepared Just Right

Fresh Lemongrass, Prepared Just Right

Alaska Smoked Salmon

Alaska Smoked Salmon


Bulk Pricing


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Tom Kha (no meat) - Thirty 9oz Pouches - $140.00
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Tom Kha Smoked Salmon - Thirty-two 9oz Pouches - (Not Avail)



rtae0295 3l

Place pouch in boiling water for 3 minutes

tomkha pouch mwave 1l

or in the microwave for 2 minutes

rtae0295 3l

The delicious results served over rice



One Tom Kha Pouch = Two Wonderful, Authentic Thai Meals.

Pour one of our no-meat tom kha pouches into a saucepan, add sliced chicken and simmer until the chicken is cooked, then serve over jasmine rice. Two incredibly delicious, healthy meals. You'll love it. Also great with fresh mushrooms, see below for more ideas.


tom ka saucepan

Empty once pouch in a saucepan

Cook Tom Ka with Chicken

Add chicken and cook together

Tom Ka and Rice

Serve over rice for two great meals


Tom Kha Soup w/Tom Yum Paste

Our packaged, all-natural Amazing Elephant Tom Kha soup is better than home-made, more tasty than what restaurants serve because of the high quality ingredients and sophisticated method.  Here we add a bit of tom yum paste, fresh mushrooms, spring onions and shrimp to make it a full meal.

The Wild-Caught, Alaska Smoked Salmon.

Inside every pouch is a generous handful (2 oz net weight) of premium wild Alaskan smoked salmon.

Our salmon is soaked in our own simple, natural brine formula then put into a modern smoker, burning real hardwood.

After it comes out of the smoker, we hand-cut it into chunks perfect for the Tom Kha. The freshly-prepared salmon is then added to the pouch and sealed up.

Sockeye salmon is a quality, lean, healthy fish that comes at a relatively high price, but we wouldn't have it any other way.

The combination of flavors here is not just irresistible to your tastebuds; served over steamed rice, this soup is one heck of a meal, offering plenty of healthy calories to carry you through the day.

MADE IN THE USA. There's no need to wonder where your food comes from with our soup. This product is produced under the watchful eye of American regulatory authorities who set strict guidelines on food manufacturing. Our soup has already gone through a rigorous analysis, the process has been approved, and everything has been registered with the US FDA.

Rest assured that you're also supporting American jobs. This soup is packed in the great Pacific Northwest in a new facility that rose from nothing and is now creating jobs for hard-working people. We're doing our part to not just support the local manufacturing economy, but also American farmers & fishermen.

As business grows, employment is expanding and some workers are getting plenty of overtime: wage income that spreads throughout the community. Furthermore, when it comes to sales, is an experienced global trader, so your support of this product will help us to create export markets--thus expanding American production.

Why Is The Price So Low? Compare the price of our pouches to the salty, msg-laden Tom Kha spice pastes from Thailand that require you to add your own coconut milk & other ingredients. Our product tastes far better and generally costs less. Also, the retail price of 9 oz all natural cocont milk is close to what we're charging for the entire pouch of finished soup. Assembling all of the ingredients in your own kitchen to make Tom Kha from scratch would likely cost more. The explanation is that we import the coconut milk directly, and we deal directly with growers, all of this keeps cost down. Also, we have our own retail store ( AND we manufacture the soup ourselves, so we can sell it directly to you for near our production cost. You get a great deal, and we enjoy delivering a superior product.



My wife and I enjoyed the Tom Kha soup very much. We thought that it had a pleasing complexity and nicely balanced heat. My wife was concerned that the coconut ingredients would make the soup too sweet (as is sometimes the case), but, again, the balance was just right. We added shrimp the first time we had it, which was wonderful, but we also think it would be good with a white-fleshed fish, like tilapia or catfish. To be honest, my taste buds don't connect with the idea of having salmon in it, and I'm very glad you offer the choice to purchase it without. The bottom line is that we were impressed with the authentic flavors (and the lack of dubious enhancers, preservatives, etc.) and the very fair price. We will certainly buy it again!

John Thorne, Northampton MA (author of Simple Cooking and


The Email messages from always take to me the the Web site to see the latest video, recipe, ingredient, or cookware.

For many weeks I have been very interested in the Amazing Elephant Brand Tom Kha Smoked Salmon Soup. Fortunately, I needed to stock up on Thai ingredients and I added six pouches of the tom kha smoked salmon to my order.

I received the package from two days ago. I unpacked everything and decided to try the tom kha smoked salmon for lunch. The only word that comes to mind is, Wow! Preparing Thai food is difficult because it requires a delicate balance between flavors of spicy, salty, sweet, and sour. This tom kha has the balance of flavors, but who in their right mind would think of putting wild smoked salmon chunks in a really good tom kha?

Well, it worked. It's wonderful. The tom kha is well balanced and flavorful, and the chunks of wild smoked salmon retain flavor and texture, and compliment the soup.

Six pouches isn't enough!

I gave a pouch to a friend to try, and he had the same Wow! reaction. He said that it is one of the best soups he has ever tasted. Then, he asked where he can buy it.

It is amazing that I can have a soup this good and I can prepare it in less than five minutes!

Clay Irving, Author of The Popular Recipe Website Clay's Kitchen.


Regarding your Amazing Elephant Tom Kha, I can't agree more - it's delicious. We certainly have never been able to replicate that amazing quality - even with your wonderful ingredients. I've got some beautiful galangal from a friend so we'll be armed with all the ingredients and give it a whirl as we do every year.

Chef Jay Demers, CHE, FMP. Culinary Arts Department Chair, Eastern Maine Community College.


Love the Tom Ga Kai soup ...yum !

HeeLian, Wisconsin


I don’t write notes like this very often, but I have to tell you that your Amazing Elephant Tom Kha soup is absolutely wonderful. I have not had a soup that good since I was last in Thailand. I am so hooked, I sometimes eat it for breakfast! Great job on a great product. I am ordering more. Thank you!

Cindy, Cape May NJ


I love the new Our Company Background page!!!! It was wonderful to read about your family. Makes me want to support you even more. And knowing your daughter was involved in coming up with the amazing Tom Kha, I finally had to try some. Thank you for being such a great company! My husband and I are loyal fans!

Stephanie, Columbus OH


Your Tom Kha soup [plain, no fish/meat} is an amazing treat, with wonderfully fresh flavors. I love a lunch of the soup over a small amount {about 2 tablespoons} of last-night's rice. I do hope you'll never knuckle under to the common American pleas of tone down the spice because curbing intense flavors is so often the downfall of delicious exotic foods.

Ellinor, Chilmark MA


I love your company and am recommending it to my friends. Your weekly posts are so interesting and that (Amazing Elephant Tom Kha) soup is just wonderful.

Claudia, Berkeley CA


LOVED the Amazing Elephant Tom Kha. As you can see, I am ordering a lot more. I thought that the mild one was too bland, but am glad you offer that option so that people who won't eat hot food can taste this.

Heather, Albuquerque NM


My first order wasn't all there, but Jerry acted very quickly to send out missing item plus a bonus. The amazing elephant tom kha soup is just awesome. I'll be buying some of that next!

Grace, Mechanicsburg PA


We recently order your Tom Kha soup...incredible in a word...We will get another order together soon. Thanks again.

Gretchen, Nantucket MA


hi. having traveled Thailand NOT on the tourist trap haunts, and always eating nothing but fresh local food where i found it, I have always been very unsatisfied by Thai food in general not in Thailand. your Tom Kha takes me back - its very authentic tasting - thank you so much! a new fan, Dave

Purchased in a store


I loved the soup. The flavor is very fresh. My personal preference is a little saltier, so I added a bit of fish sauce and it was perfect. I will try the salmon one next time I place an order.

Andrew, Apex NC


Thank you for making the Amazing Elephant brand. (I do love your cute logo.) And for making the delicious Tom Kha (with and without salmon). I enjoyed it very much and the amount of high quality salmon really is generous and just right. I appreciate having this high quality product without stuff I don't want to consume ready to go for those times when my sweetie wants something quick and easy. If possible down the road, is it possible to consider even less packaging? I was hoping the boil in pouch would be it. Anyway, I appreciate these items and you. And I have always been happy with every order I have ever made with Import Foods.

Deborah, Cookeville TN


Well, we tried the Tom Kha for lunch today. I added some cooked shrimp to some rice and poured the soup mix over it after heating it in boiling water as directed. My wife and I are new to thai food and we are not big on really spicy stuff. I have made several recipes from your web site and I usually tone down the heat several notices. This had way too much thai chile for us. I am afraid though that we did not care for the flavor of the Tom Kha either. We looked at the ingredients and our guess is it might be the kaffir lime that gave it a bit of a bitter taste we did not like. Sorry. We really have liked some of the recipes on your web site, and we are using several pieces of equipment we purchased from you, and some ingredients with satisfaction. This one is a thumbs down for us though.

Deborah, Cookeville TN


I tried and I liked it. It wasn't super spicy. My son loved it as well.

Marius, Originally From Romania (now in Seattle)


I received my order today and first thing we had the Tom Kha soup for lunch. It is perfect, perfect, perfect! Don't change a thing, it's soooo good! I plan to order a box of this!! So please stock up! Thank you!

Carrie, Wrangell AK


I purchased 2 each of the Tom Kha and Tom Kha with smoked wild salmon. I arrived home from business travel on Friday and tried one of the Tom Kha with salmon, poured it over some jasmine rice. It was absolutely delicious! I thought I was back at the Bangkok House in Ft. Walton Beach (one of my favorite restaurants). I warmed it using the boiling water method according to the your instructions. Very easy to prepare. I will be purchasing more and recommending it to anyone who will listen! Heck, I may use them as gifts too! You've hit a homerun with this product, congratulations.

Joe, New Castle PA


I love this soup ! The flavore are perfect. I steal some chopped Viadlia onions and red peppers to add to the heated delicious soup to up my vegetable intake.

Sara, New Haven VT


Just enjoyed the salmon Tom Kha tonight. I would agree with others that the taste, spiciness, and salmon quantity per volume is just right. For the price, with shipping, it is slightly overvalued at over $10 for two servings. Perhaps with volume sales, either the price can be brought down or serving amount increased per pouch. Sorry that this product wasn't around for my many past backpacking trips in the high Sierras! Cheers!

Stu, Nevada City CA


Your new Amazing Elephant brand is off to a very good start. The Tom Kha is more than just good, it's fantastic. I have been a professional caterer in New York, so I know my way around a kitchen. I'm now a retired DC 'cave-dweller' and having a resource like your soup to build on (think chicken tenders with rice stick noodles) is a very welcome asset. Best of luck.

Jim, Washington DC


I had the wild smoked salmon Tom Kha soup last night for dinner...I truly have to say it was one of the BEST Tom Kha soups I have ever had and I have had many versions at a lot of restaurants which were very good...but this flavor just blew me away...and the heat was just PERFECT...Im so glad I ordered some of this and will definitely order more....simply incredible!

Roy, Marysville WA


I tried the Tom Kha soup mix for the first time and thought that it was terrific. I used the plain soup mix (heated in the microwave) and added onion, garlic, mushrooms, and steamed shrimp. I ate the soup over Jasmine rice, and it made for a very good and healthful meal. The only seasoning I added was a little basil. The vacuum pack was easy to use and store. I was pleased to see that the expiration date was well into the future.

The only drawback that I can see is that it is quite spicy. I was planning to share some with my mother who loves shrimp, but I'm afraid that it would be too spicy for her tastes. As Thai restaurants offer mild options, it would be great to have a mild version for those who may prefer it. Just some feedback, but it was perfect for me.

Great work, and it truly is equal to or better than I've had in restaurants. Hope it takes off, and that you will continue to offer it. I look forward to trying the smoked salmon version.

Warren, Lexington SC


I have tasted my first portion of your soup. Positive: It taste very well, it's creamy and smells good. Very easy to prepare. Package easy to handle. Negative: A little bit too spicy to be able to appeal to most farangs who are not used to very spicy soup. The chili taste took over and dominated the flavour a bit too much. Would I enjoy eat it again? YES I would!

Hakan, Gothenburg Sweden


I tried the soup tonight, very good with noodles.

David, Brooklyn NY


The new smoked salmon Tom Kha soup is great! I was surprised at how much salmon was in each serving and how fresh it tasted. Someone could have served me this and told me they just made it from scratch and I wouldn't have been able to tell. My only suggestion is to offer it in a larger, family size (if possible). Now all I need to do is order more...

Kelly, Bend OR


I ordered both the regular and the salmon Tom Kha soup. I really liked the regular one and added cooked chicken thigh to it. I didn't like the salmon one as much because the salmon seemed overcooked. It may have to do with the type of salmon. I added more chicken and some extra hot sauce. I'm going to try adding a bit of fresh seafood (shrimp or salmon or scallops) to the salmon one. The soups were easy to heat up in the microwave and made a nice lunch. Thank you!

Katherine, West Tisbury MA


We enjoyed your soup over rice today. I thought the flavors were very tasty and certainly not too spicy for me. Even over rice I thought it needed a bit more body!! I am not sure if lentils are used in Thai cuisine but that came to mind. Congratulations.

Mike, Originally from South Africa (now in San Diego)


This soup is absolutely amazing. It has all the flavors I've come to expect from Tom Kha soup-sour lime, smooth coconut, spicy!! (love how spicy it is...not too much, but its definitely there as a main player!), and the complex and multi-layered spices. I also LOVE the packaging and how simple it is to heat up and serve. This is by far and away the best pre-prepared food product I've ever eaten (and believe me, I've eaten a lot). It's great by itself, but I imagine adding your own protein and some fresh veggies, it would easily be a filling meal, and there's easily enough flavor in the soup to stand up to additions. I must say, I have eaten at many Thai restaurants, some very authentic, and never had a Tom Kha soup that tasted this good.

You guys have put the taste of Thailand in a bag and made it easily accessible & inexpensive for everyone. Well done. My only request would be to make it in quantity, like wine in a box, so all I have to do is decant some every evening into a bowl! :) Thanks for sharing this delicious product with the world! If you decided to make Pad Thai in a vacuum-sealed pouch, please let me know. I'll be the first to order.

Heather, Lakewood CO


I have now enjoyed two servings of the new Tom Kha soup. One just out of the packet, the other meal I added some chicken. I think it is excellent! Just the right size portion. I also believe the soup is just spicy enough without being too hot. Just right for my tastes. Very nice product and I'll reorder when I run out. My initial order of ten packs won't last long!

Wick, Eads TN


Excellent soup! Perfect blend of spice, coconut milk and other ingredients. Thanks!

Jody, Suquamish WA


I recently ordered and tried the new Tom Kha elephant brand soup. I found it to be very good with a nice spicey touch. The only negative for me is the price. $3.89 plus shipping for a plain soup without meat or shrimp seems to me to be too high!

Rudy, FL


Tom Kha has been my ultimate comfort food for decades now -- it's what I crave whenever I've had a bad day or I'm coming down with a cold. I used to live in Seattle, where I had my choice of restaurants to get it from, and I got particular about how it ought to taste. Now that I live in rural New England, I'm very glad to have ImportFood. We have been ordering the Lobo brand paste and had been satisfied with it, but of course I had to try your new Elephant brand pouches. Please understand I mean this as high praise: This is NOT comfort food, this is amazing food! This is food that makes my eyes go wide and a big grin spread over my face! Your pouch contains soup that is much.... *more* than what I expected, I'm guessing primarily because of the kaffir lime. It wakes me up instead of lulling me. I don't remember ever getting anything this good from a restaurant (though it's been a while, so maybe I've just forgotten). I'll probably keep a few packets of the Lobo paste in the cupboard for those days when a little nostalgia is what I need more than deliciousness, but Elephant Brand is clearly superior for regular eating. I'm so happy, by the way, that you sell a version without meat -- I'm not a vegetarian but I like my Tom Kha best with tofu. You have my sincere thanks for creating something wonderful.

Emily, Kittery ME


Thanks for the note with my order that came last week. I want you to know that I really appreciate how you do business. I had my first batch of the Amazing Elephant Tom Kha. I did it up with some king oyster mushrooms and gulf shrimp and thought it was delicious and had a very nice consistency. The soup was slightly bitter. I added about half a tsp of sugar and to my taste it was perfect. Regarding supplying the restaurant, we make all our soups from scratch (and I’ve got some mean cooks). I’m also thinking that shipping soup may be a challenging strategy due to the water weight. Keep up the great work.

Jeff, Bloomington IN


I just had my first pouch. It was sublime. I added some mushrooms and chicken. Unbelievably good. Spicey and tart without being sweet. This is total home run!!

Tim, Boston MA


Much, much too spicy hot! But after a lot of diluting, it was good.

Keith, Melbourne FL


The Tom Kha soup was delicious. I wished it were spicier. Perhaps you might have some suggestions on how the consumer can do that. I loved it, though. I had a frozen chicken breast that I sliced up and added to it. Thank you so much.

Scott, The Dalles OR


We loved the Tom Kha soup! We mixed the two - one with salmon, one without - and it was plenty of meat for both of us. Very delicious balance of flavors.

Sarah, Evansville IN


I was serving two, so I mixed the tom kha pouch with the red curry soup can, because they both had coconut milk. Very excellent. will order again.

Jeffrey, Charleston SC


This is my second order of the Salmon Tom Kha, this Tom Kha is fantastic. This will definitely be a staple in the pantry.

Douglas, Billings MT


My brother highly recommended your new Tom Kha soup. We loved it. I microwaved the pouch (what could be easier?) and added some large shrimp and mushrooms I had lightly sauteed. Flavor, spice, texture were perfect. I even gave one of the pouches to a friend who loves cooking Thai food but I don't know if she's tried it yet. My biggest regret is not ordering the Salmon Tom Kha (I tried some during a recent visit with my brother), which I also thought was delicious. I've told several Thai food enthusiasts here in Netarts about your products and we're thinking of placing a large order in the future. We'll be out of the country in the next three weeks, but when we return we will definitely be placing another order.

Joan, Netarts OR


Debbie and I had your Tom Kha tonight. The spice was just right. Not too spicy or sour....Just right. The version we had was the fish version over rice. FANTASTIC!!

Jim, Renton WA


I first had Tom Kha soup at a local Thai restaurant, my husband and I were hooked. After having it out several times, I tried my hand at making it from scratch (which is how I found your website). I didn't want to drive all over searching for Keffir lime leaves, fresh galangal, lemongrass, etc. Last fall I ordered the Tom Kha kit from you and served this soup at a dinner party for 10. Needless to say it was a tremendous hit!

Then last month your newsletter announced a packaged soup, I just had to try it so I ordered six packages. I prepared two of the servings for my husband and I, adding shrimp and we savored every drop. It was as good as any soup from restaurants. It is perfect for one or two servings. Thank you very much, I will be ordering again in the near future.

Georgia, Grayslake IL


I really enjoyed the Smoked Salmon Tom Kha. I enjoy spicy foods and thought the spice level on the medium was nice...I would order a hot or spicy variety if it was offered. I was particularly impressed with the quality and the amount of smoked salmon in the soup. Overall, I thought this was an exceptional product and it made a great meal over steamed jasmine rice. On the other hand, I was not as impressed with the plain Tom Kha. While it was still an overall quality product, I thought the flavor was slightly too sour for my taste. I was also put off by the amount of sodium in the plain variety compared to the smoked salmon.

I will try adding chicken, mushrooms or shrimp to the plain variety and send an email update if this helps to balance the flavor.

Joel, Austin TX


Just enjoyed a serving of your new Tom Kha with wild salmon and mild chili spice soup. It was wonderful. Cooked it in the microwave for 4 minutes and served. We're both very impressed with the taste and quality. Only suggestion is that our household microwave is a smaller size and we had to work with the top of the package to get it to stand up and turn. You might consider making the package about 1/2 shorter for these smaller microwaves. Thanks again for the great product and fast delivery services.

Donald, Modesto CA


Just wanted to let you know that Jan and I absolutely love your new Amazing Elephant Tom Kha Soup. I've had many versions of Tom Kha, some watery thin, others way too thick, but your version, I think, is the perfect consistency. The flavor is so good I close my eyes and I'm right back in Thailand...I wish! The packaging is simple and the preparation couldn't be easier.

I've seen some comments about the spiciness and each to his own, I guess, but I've found it to be just the right amount. I, generally, like it spicy but Jan prefers a much milder heat and she thinks that it's just fine as is, loves it. I see that you are now offering a mild version, which I understand, just never stop making the original for the rest of us, thank you.

We had a small family gathering at our house recently and my sister from Wisconsin made me send two packages home with her on the airline. I'm running out fast and I ordered a dozen!

Congratulations on your great new product. I know you have your heart and sole in it and I can't wait to see what you come up with next.

Brent, Bella Vista AR


Pat, Galloway NJ. We ate the soup with the salmon first and LOVED it, though the smoked part was strong, and I sat with a glass of ice water nearby. These soups shoul be definitely be winners! Thanks so much for your continued excellent service.

Pat, Galloway NJ


Barbara, St Louis MO. I am enjoying my Tom Kha soup as I write this review. I heated the soup in the microwave for 2.5 minutes. I appreciate the easy prep with zero cleanup. I added a very small amount of cooked dark-meat chicken. I garnished with three torn leaves of your Thai basil which I had stored in the freezer (wrapped in a paper towel an placed in a zip lock bag). I sure hope that wasn't a Thai cooking mistake! I did not have any fresh cilantro. And, I served my soup over jasmine rice as a complete meal in a bowl. The aroma was fabulous. It made it very difficult to wait until it cooled sufficiently to dig in! This is a brand new dish for me so I have no means to compare your Tom Kha to any other. I cannot imagine any better. The heat level for me is about a 2.5 on a 5 point scale. The bite is on the very tip of my tongue. I enjoy the mildly sweet taste of the coconut mixed with the salty flavors. The whole dish seems so simple and yet is so satisfying. Thank you so much for offering this product. It is a definite re-purchase for me.

Barbara, St Louis MO



Carolyn, Davenport FL


Bob, Joliet IL. We have tried your Tom Kha soup. We think that it is OK, but not as good as Tom Kha that we have had at several Thai restaurants in Chicago; and not as good as Tom Kha that we have made from scratch at home (with ingredients from ImportFood). In particular, we found it to be a little vinegary, hotter (peppery hot) than we prefer, and missing some of the subtle, complex flavors that probably only freshly made Tom Kha will have. We absolutely love Tom Kha. Thank you for trying to provide it in a convenient and quick form; but some food dishes have to be made fresh. ( note: Bob tried the no-meat tom kha not the smoked salmon version).

Bob, Joliet IL


Tried the new Tom Kha, because although I thought the serving size a little small, if Jerry says something is good, he's usually right! I emptied two pouches into a saucepan and added about a pound of sliced chicken breast, and simmered the meat in the soup while cooking some rice. I added some cilantro and spring onion at the end and served it over rice, and it was plenty for my two daughters and me, they loved it. It really is one of the best packaged products I've tasted, so give it a try. (I did, however, add a squeeze of lime and some nam pla to my bowl, but I do that in Thailand, too!).

Randy, Detroit MI


Greetings, I finally received my package of goodies. I absolutely love the mini cleaver, the knife with the orange handle, the tamarind cutting board and the Tom Kha….Omg….we had the soup last night…to be honest I couldn’t get enough, the generous amount of smoky wild caught Alaskan salmon and the heat is just right….Addictive stuff. I’m so happy I found you guys…I will be purchasing more.

Necla, Brooklyn NY


HI there, just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed your Amazing Elephant Tom Kha with smoked wild salmon. It was delicious! It tasted homemade and the lovely flavors shone through as if I had put the galangal and lime leaves in myself. It was very fragrant. I appreciated the level of heat. Very well balanced between salty, sweet, and hot. I also love the fact it is wild caught salmonid. As a fish biologist, the sourcing of sea food is important to me. I also liked the packaging. It was very convenient. Easy to heat in more than one way and the package had built in pot holders so you don’t burn yourself. You could also open it up without getting a chainsaw. Just fingers and a bowl and hot water and you have home quality Tom Kha. I enjoyed my lunch at work more than I have in years! And I had more time to relax than going to a good restaurant.

Bonnie, Springfield OR


Awesome!!! Good stuff.

Larry, Irvine CA


I order both the Tom Kha and the Tom Kha with smoked salmon. We LOVED them both! Delicious, authentic and high quality soup, we thank you for offering these. I'll be ordering them again and again. And thank you for your wonderful variety, for the recipes and for the videos. It continues to be a wonderful experience to learn thai cooking. Import Foods has enriched the palate in our home!

Melanie, Lexington NE


We loved the soup, and I've been meaning to order more, so thank you for the reminder! We were a bit taken aback by the saturated fat content, but given that it contains full-fat coconut milk we shouldn't have been. We tend to use the reduced-fat coconut milk just because we've been programmed to use lower-fat things, I guess... At any rate, since it was supper for my husband and me, I extended the soup slightly by adding some vegetable broth, and added some chopped green onion, a sprinkle of minced freshly-picked lemon grass, a tiny bit of slivered keffir lime leaves, some frozen peas, some cubed tofu, and some bean threads. (Too Much Is Always Better Than Not Enough is our motto.) And we loved it! I hope that helps - and now I'm going to go order some more.

Sarah, Chicago IL


I've tried the regular soup; haven't yet had the salmon. The regular soup is wonderful! Full of flavor and some, but not too much, spice. Lovely!

Linda, Claremont CA


Yum!!! Thank you sooo much for creating and sharing this absolutely delicious Tom Kha!!! Perfect flavor and texture! The packets are very convenient for bringing to work for lunch, camping, or just having on hand for a quick easy nourishing meal. I purchased 24 packets before going out of town for a week...and it was all my husband ate. Love it!!!

Anne, Issaquah WA


I love the soup. I tried the Salmon Tom Kha. It's really delicious. I like to try different international cuisine, tried some in the local Thai restaurants and never tasted as good as this one. Perfect smoked salmon. I can tell about it's high quality. I wish could be a little spicier. Thanks a lot for this product!

Lillian, originally from Moldova, now in USA


As background, I have been to Thailand a few times and have made it my mission to sample Tom Kha Gai wherever I go. I am amazed at the variety of the different offerings. Anyway, when I am at home in the States and having family visit, I order your fresh produce so I can make my own Tom Kha. I like my Tom Kha Gai, which is based on one of your videos. So, I did not know what to expect when I ordered your Amazing Elephant soups.

I tried the smoked salmon Tom Kha first because I couldn’t believe the combination would be good for me. Well, it was great. I will keep some on hand for those times when I have a craving and don’t want to make something myself. As for the non-salmon offering, I figured I might want to modify it, but ate the first one as is”. It was very good although I like my Tom Kha a little sweeter. So, for the second pouch I stir-fried some chicken in the Mae Pranom brand prik pao and then just added the contents of the pouch to the pan with a little less than a teaspoon of sugar. I loved it. It is different from my own Tom Kha, but it is so easy and so good I will keep your Elephant Tom Kha in my cupboard going forward. (Just a little more, the Mae Pranom prik pao is magical. I don’t know why it has taken me so long to try it.)

Anyway, the Tom Kha soups are great products. I hope they are a staple in your product offerings for a lone time.

Stan, Kingsport TN


We tried it last night and really liked it. We thought it tasted really fresh for a package soup. Now you need to put them in grocery stores.

P Nguyen, Shoreline WA


Tonight I tried your awesome Tom Kha with smoked salmon. I served it as suggested, over steamed jasmine rice and it was fantastic, wonderful flavours and I loved the chunks of salmon, so yummy! I will be ordering this again.

Pauline, Chilliwack BC


I purchased both soups, with and without the smoked salmon. The thought of the salmon in the soup did not appeal to me, and I even love smoked salmon, but the reviews were good, and I thought I'd try it to support your company since you always have such great customer service and products. Well, I was wonderfully surprised by the soup. The salmon was a delicious complement to the soup. The spices were perfect and I loved the ease of the packaging. You could throw any kind of veggie in there as well, which is what I'll do next time, but for my first taste, I wanted to try it as is. I tried the plain soup another day and again, the flavors were excellent, but this one definitely begged for something additional. Serve this over rice, or add stir fried green beans or asparagus, or throw in a little chicken... the soup base is wonderful. As far as spiciness, I wouldn't change a thing, but if you have a Midwestern palate, you may think it's a little spicy

Lynn, Wheatfield IN


I did not care much for the salmon version, but liked the broth very much. So since then, I ordered the mild no meat version and really like It. It is particularly good with garlic croutons.

Bill, St Paul MN


I loved it! There was more salmon that I expected! Perfect amount of spice with great flavor over rice. The simplicity and quickness makes for a great dinner! I'll be sharing this one on Facebook.

Thomas, North Bend WA


I actually just had it yesterday! It was amazing. I thought that the spice was perfect-not too hot, just the right amount of kick to it and all the different elements were there. It was delicious! I ate the whole thing. :) Thanks for making such a great product and for all you guys have done over the years.

Heidi, Seattle WA


We tried the Tom Kha this weekend. It performed as advertised, being very simple to prepare. I've had this soup at Lotus Of Siam in Las Vegas many times; many people consider LoS to be the gold standard of Thai cooking in North America.

Theirs seems to be a tad more full-bodied, and of course, with the option of having it spiced up. If I were to have any suggestion, it might be to add some arrowroot thickener,to give the soup a little more body. That's how I'm going to prep the second pouch I ordered.

For our second serving of the first pouch of Tom Kha, we diced some roasted chicken and some celery and simmered it all down in the Tom Kha, and served it over rice. Excellent! For myself, a generous amount of cayenne brought it along just fine.

Butch, Canyon Lake TX


We absolutely love your new Tom Kha soup and have purchased a few dozen packages of the wonderful treat. We will certainly be purchasing many more.

I have a couple of comments about the soup and how you market it, which you are welcome to consider or ignore.

1. It's a little hard to find the soup on your website, as it's listed on the Canned Thai Food section of Products on your home page. Maybe you should consider giving it its own category on the home page. It deserves to be featured. When you feature it in your emails, it's easy to find; but on the website, it's less so.

2. In the heating instructions on the package, you only include microwave heating or boil-in-bag heating, while we have found that for two or more servings, it works better to empty the product into a saucepan and gently heat it on the stovetop. That is particularly good when using the basic product (without smoked salmon) and adding chicken or shrimp. That allows the chicken or shrimp to get to temperature with the delightful soup base. Is there a reason that you don't suggest heating it that way? It works great for us. We served the basic version with shredded roasted free range chicken breast a few days ago to four guests (plus the two of us); heating it in a saucepan on the stove worked perfectly.

Everyone loved it and compared it favorably to the version served at their favorite Thai restaurants. Naturally, I sent everyone the link to your website. I don't intend to even try to make this lovely soup from scratch, since we can obtain such a marvelous version from you. I am a pretty good cook and very particular about what we serve to guests; but your Tom Kha is absolutely worthy of serving to guests and admitting to them that we bought it rather than making it ourselves. In today's foodie culture, that is not a small admission to make, is it? Of course, we can take credit for adding the chicken or shrimp - not quite the same as making the wonderful base soup, but something to save our pride, no??

Fred, Camano Island WA

Two Version We Prepared Based on Fred's Email. Amazing Elephant Tom Kha in a pan, add fresh vegetables, heat and serve.

Tom Kha With Asparagus

Tom Kha with Fresh Asparagus and Red Bell Pepper

Tom Kha With Broccoli

Tom Kha with Fresh Broccoli and Red Bell Pepper



Amazing Elephant Tom Kha - Culinary Trade Show Favorite! In early 2015 we attended our first food show, in Seattle, an event supporting local producers of high quality food products in the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia.

Amazing Elephant got rave reviews -- everyone was talking about it. Local retailers West Seattle Thriftway, Snoqualmie Ridge IGA, Tacoma Boys Markets and several others placed orders on the spot, because they love it and want Amazing Elephant on their store shelves.

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Amazing Elephant Tom Kha - The First of Many Successful Tasting Events! In May 2015 we held our first tasting event in the Seattle area (picture below) at popular local neighborhood store "Leschi Market". We received excellent feedback, the store sold out of the stock on hand. Since then we've had extraordinary results, selling out at almost every demo. Find us in local PCC stores, Town & Country Markets, Thriftways, IGA, and more.

We simply could not have produced this product without YOU our loyal supporters. THANK YOU.


Clair at Leschi Market

Yaowalak Shoreline

Find Amazing Elephant Tom Kha At These Fine Retail Stores in the Seattle Area:

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Personally Serving At Every Demo and most of the time we sell out within two hours

Yaowalak personally serves dozens of samples at our demo events, it's exhilarating! People who taste the soup love the flavor and enthusiastically praise the product.

The unique flavor and modern package is unlike any soup ever packaged!

Grocery stores order 60 or 80 pouches in advance, then every pouch gets sold well before the event is over. Store managers are shocked at how well it sells during the demos, and sales carry over in following days as they re-stock.

Yaowalak is usually out giving away samples in local stores 4 days a week. People love seeing her in person, learning about the soup, hearing about her family, daughter in college, etc. It all adds and endearing story to complement the delicous ingredients that go in every pouch.



Amazing Elephant Tom Kha Videos

Tom Kha

Hillbilly Discovers Thai Food

Delivered to Mongolian Nomads

70 Years Later

Treasure Hunt

Alki Beach, Seattle

Oceanfront Campsite

No Metal Cans

Natural Energy



Amazing Elephant's New Retail Display Box - Locally Designed and Manufactured. In the video below, meet local artisan Bob Prince and visit his old-school workshop, where our new retail display box was designed and cut.

Retail Display Custom Cartons

Greenlake PCC Natural Markets

Greenlake PCC Natural Markets

Seward Park PCC Natural Markets

Seward Park PCC Natural Markets

Redmond PCC Natural Markets

Redmond PCC Natural Markets

Display Boxes

Display Boxes

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Tom Kha (no meat)
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Tom Kha Smoked Salmon
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Amazing Elephant Pen

Amazing Elephant Pen 2


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