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Thai Coconut Cream, All Natural, Aroy-D

Thai Coconut Cream, All Natural, Aroy-D
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Brand new stock with August 2025 Expiry Date. We prefer cooking with cream, a bit more oil and smoother flavor than milk.  Typically cream is more costly and harder to find in bulk so restaurants are less likely to use it.

Aroy-D Coconut Cream is made in Vietnam.

All natural coconut cream in the small 8.5 oz box is a newer product from Aroy-D, as previously it was only available in the larger 33 oz boxes.  SEE:

Aroy-D All Natural Coconut Cream Large Box
8.5 oz boxes of All Natural Milk

Pure, all-natural coconut milk can only be made using the very best quality coconut; everything else usually goes into cans with preservatives.

The all-natural cream we offer is packed in a modern paper carton (BPA free, made by SGI Combibloc of Switzerland or Tetrapak of Sweden).

Aroy-D is a large company manufacturing a wide variety of products. They produced a national advertising campaign promoting their status as the number one choice of chefs.

The new convenient 8.5 oz box is slightly more than 1 cup.

Coconut milk is watered down with each stage of "squeezing" (see our video: how coconut milk is made).

The richest liquid comes first, has higher fat content, and is generally preferred for making the best tasting Thai curry and soups.

Coconut fat is considered a healthy, good fat and we recommend using higher fat milks for best results.

There is no big difference between 'milk' and 'cream', the ingredients are the same, only the fat content -- the two look identical.  We also offer Aroy-d all natural coconut milk.

Ingredient: 99.95% Coconut, Polysorbate

Product of Vietnam

Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts

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Box Top

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