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Tempura Mix - Tempurako

Tempura Mix - Tempurako
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Tempurako is flour for cooking the Japanese traditional dish Tempura. Normally, making crunchy Tempura can be tricky; however, with this ready-made product, by just adding water you can make delicious Tempura.

Picture below is a simple tempura we made using this mix and water, served with plum sauce.

Also see recipe below for a more complicated tempura.

One package makes many servings.

Ingredients: wheat flour, corn starch, baking powder (sodium bicarbonate), yolk powder, soya lecithin, carotene coloring, gardenia coloring.

Made in USA.


With Tempura Prawns and Chicken

With Tempura Prawns and Chicken

Ingredients / Facts

Ingredients / Facts



Thai Coconut Shrimp

Our coconut shrimp recipe made with all natural coconut milk, sweetened and simmered then poured over large shrimp that we prepare two different styles - 1/fried in butter, and 2/deep fried in oil in tempura batter.  We love both styles and highly recommend this recipe.


Tempura - Japanese Style

It seems everybody loves tempura, and with our authentic recipe you can't go wrong.

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