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Thai Sweet Basil Seed

Thai Sweet Basil Seed
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A fun summer drink, we just got a new shipment of basil seeds from Hand Brand.

Basil seeds are used to make basil seed drink (shown at right). Very unique in appearance, it's a delicious beverage and a centuries-old way for Thai people to lose weight naturally.

Add the seeds to water and they expand, turning into little jello-like bulbs that slither down your intestines, this is thought to help carry toxins out of your body.

Basil seed also a delicious added flavor for Thai coconut icecream.

This is a great deal, as we give you 3.5 ounces which is 12+ teaspoons of seed! Please click here to learn more about Thai basil seed drink.

All natural. Product of Thailand.

See our prestigious testimonial: is the recommended supplier of basil seed to the American Japanese community.


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Thai Ice Cream with Basil Seeds & Chocolate-Ginger Ganache

Ice cream is served throughout Thailand just as it is in many countries. Often served by bicycle vendors or via motorized carts, as shown in pictures below. Here is a basic ice-cream recipe using coconut, the most common ice-cream flavor, producing a rich, creamy ice-cream we know you'll enjoy. We've enhanced it with sweet basil seeds, giving an interesting texture & subtle fruit flavor. We highly recommend that you make this recipe just as described, served with the chocolate-ginger ganache and fragrant Thai cookies. It's an unbelievably perfect balance of flavors, the type of dessert found in the most prestigious, not just Thai, restaurants. This dessert really spans the international spectrum of culinary appeal, people will rave about it for weeks after trying it.

Idea: Dairy Queen in Thailand offers Thai ice-cream topped with pandan sticky rice.


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