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Tom Yum broth, 24 boxes (2 cubes per box)

Tom Yum broth, 24 boxes (2 cubes per box)
Add to cart24 boxes (2 cubes per box) - $26.50 

This is a very tasty bouillion cube for making the popular Thai tom yum soup made by premium quality Knorr brand.  We just got brand new stock which has expiry date August 2019.

Mix two cubes with 1 liter of boilling water, add meat/vegetables (and other spice as per your preference) and boil until cooked. Tom Yum is ready to serve.

You get 24 boxes, with 2 cubes per box. Each cube weighs 12 grams (approx half an ounce per cube). Total weight 576 grams. Fragrant and delicious.

Add a few fresh kaffir lime leaves, Thai chile peppers and a few pieces of dried galanga -- you're on the way to becoming the best chef in town.

Ingredients: iodized salt, palm oil, msg, sugar, citric acid, dehydrated bird chile, natural flavor, natural color, disodium 5. Product of Thailand.

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