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Young Green Thai Peppercorns

Young Green Thai Peppercorns
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Lovely, exotic peppercorns grow in bunches on little vines 3-4" long (see photo below).

Some Thai chefs put a vine of these on top of just about every dish they make. It doesn't need to be Thai food either--serve a vine on top of bbq steak for a beautiful and excellent presentation. Excellent with Pad Char noodles.

These retain flavor very well, and the heat level is gentle not fiery and overpowering. These can be also be used to make "nam prik".

Packed in a glass jar. Ingredients: young green pepper, water, salt. Product of Thailand. We also offer whole white peppercorn.










Stir-Fried Catfish in Red Curry, 'Pladuk Pad Ped'


Stir-Fried Fish in Red Curry, 'Pad Ped Pla'

This is a versatile recipe that can be made with any good quality fresh fish, we suggest a meaty fish such as halibut, salmon or cod.


Thai Beef Salad, 'Yum Nuea'

One of our favorite recipes, the meat is barbequed then tossed with a delicious mixture of sweet, sesame-inspired smoky hot sauce and fresh vegetables. It should be served with jasmine rice, but it's also delicious with sticky rice (soaking up the sauce).

Yam nuea literally means "tossed beef". This is a simple beef "salad", and can be eaten hot or cold. This should be on the hot side of neutral, but really is more spicy than "hot". It is normal to add sunstantial amounts of hot condiments to it to suit yourself (see the section on condiments below).


Thai Chicken and Veggies, 'Gai Pad Prik'

gai = chicken
pad = stir-fried
prik = chilli

Unlike gai pad khing, which is cooked at smoking point, this dish is cooked at medium high - any more heat and the vegetables will be destroyed. A more appropriate name would be Gai Pad Prik Gaeng, because this uses red curry paste.

As with gai pad khing this dish can also be made with pork or beef.

This is a good dish for those who don't like really hot food, as it can easily be prepared with less curry paste.


Thai Crispy Fish Topped with Chili Sauce, 'Pla Rad Prik'

This is a very spicy crispy fish that's surprisingly simple to make using just a few ingredients. It's best to use fresh red Thai chile peppers. Regarding the fish, here we used tilapia you can use any fish such as cod, catfish, trout, salmon, etc. We had the fish cleaned and gutted but left the head on. You may prefer to remove the head, or even use fish fillets -- it doesn't matter.

Note that when you've finished frying your fish, put it in the oven at 350F for 10 minutes or so as you prepare the sauce, as this will make it even more crispy.


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