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Grilled Thai Sticky Rice with Egg, 'Khao Jee'

Grilled Thai Sticky Rice with Egg, 'Khao Jee'

This is a popular Northeastern Thai (Isaan) style snack. An exciting and new discovery for people in Bangkok but it's easy to find in Isaan. We know a street vendor in Bangkok that prepares it perfectly, shown in pictures below. The finished result is a snack that's perfectly crunchy on the outside, has a touch of smokey flavor, and a soft inside. Khao Jee can be enjoyed alone, and it also goes great with barbecue pork or moo tod


For 4 Person(s)


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Method for Grilled Thai Sticky Rice with Egg, 'Khao Jee'

Prepare your Thai sticky rice as per our detailed instructions (soak two cups of sticky rice in water overnight, then steam 45 minutes in a sticky rice pot/basket).

Shape your sticky rice into nice round and somewhat thick (at least 1") patties, much like a hamburger patty. With two cups of sticky rice, you will get about 8 patties.

Crack the eggs into a flat-bottom pan and stir vigorously to mix, then add Maggi Seasoning at least 1 tablespoon (more, if you prefer), and add about 1/2 teaspoon ground garlic (optional).

Place two or three sticky rice patties on a grill over charcoal, for about 30 seconds or so on each side. This will start getting it crispy and firm up the patty. Next, dip each side of the patty into your egg mixture, and put back on the grill. Cook carefully not to burn the patty, using tongs to grasp the patty and flip it over. As the patty starts to brown, put it back in the egg mixture, coat thoroughly, and return to the grill.

After you've coated the patty three times in the egg mixture, and cooked the patty until it's nice and crunchy on the outside, serve and enjoy! This unique crunchy rice snack is a healthy meal on it's own, or a great thing to serve with barbecued meat of your choice.

Grill before dipping in egg mixture

Grill before dipping in egg mixture

Thoroughly coat with egg

Thoroughly coat with egg

Cook and turn to gently brown

Cook and turn to gently brown


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  • Bec

    Rated 5 out of 5 stars

    Hi Guys, My name is Bec and I live in Sydney, Australia. I loved reading about your company background on your most recent update but there was something else there that really caught my eye. I have been to Thailand many times and have many memorable moments that revolve around the food. Lots of times I will try and recreate what I had, when I return home to my own kitchen however one recipe has frustrated me since 1998!!! One of those moments that has stuck in my mind was on the beach in Koh Samui - a grilled rice cake, served with fish sauce. So Simple yet so awesome. How hard could it be to re-create? The beach vendor (who I believe was from the Isaan region) told me it was called Khao Niew Ping. Since then I have tried to re-create it at home, googled many recipes and searched many cookbooks and found none that hit the mark and none that really look like what I had. They all seemed to be cooked inside banana leaf. They all failed. After reading your update today and seeing Khao Jee, I had a light bulb moment. This is it! This is what I had all those years ago on the beach. I can't wait to try this recipe out for myself and just wanted to say a huge Thankyou for putting this recipe up. 17 years of frustration and search ended.


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