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Fried Thai Pastry Balls with Tamarind-Garlic Sauce, 'Bayia'

Fried Thai Pastry Balls with Tamarind-Garlic Sauce, 'Bayia'

We are not sure of the origin of this delicious Thai snack food, but it seems to have some influence from the ethnic Thai Indians.

This could be considered a 'Disappearing Dish' because it's so hard to find.  We discovered an elderly lady making this (see picture left) in Banglamphoo area of Bangkok at Wat Pra Kaew during the Chakri holiday.  She served it with regular Thai sweet chili sauce rather than the traditional tamarind sauce in our recipe.


For 4 Person(s)

Ingredients for Fried Thai Pastry Balls

Ingredients for Tamarind Garlic Sauce

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Method for Fried Thai Pastry Balls with Tamarind-Garlic Sauce, 'Bayia'

Method / Pastry Balls

Rinse the mung beans, place in a bowl and soak overnight in just enough water to cover them. Drain the beans and place in a steamer (can be steamed in any conventional steamer, or may place them in a cheesecloth and steam them using our sticky rice cooking pot and basket). Remove from steamer. Let the beans cool.

Combine tapioca starch with rice flour. Slightly pound the mung beans mixed with flour mixture, cumin, coriander seeds, turmeric, salt, pepper powder and lime juice. Knead the mixture until smooth.

Using figertips doused in oil, form the mixture into bite-sized balls until all is finished. Fry the balls in hot oil over a moderate heat until crispy golden. Lift out and drain. Serve with Tamarind/Garlic Sauce.

Method / Tamarind Garlic Sauce

This sauce can be used with other Thai snack foods, or however you'd like. Even try it as a dip for potato chips. It's absolutely delicious!

Combine tamarind mixture, salt and sugar, stirring well over medium heat. Bring to a boil and taste, add more salt and/or sugar as you prefer. Simmer until slightly thickened, remove from heat. Add chile, shallots and garlic, stirring well.

Serve with whole dried chiles as an accompaniment.



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