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Thai Preserved Cabbage, 11 oz

Thai Preserved Cabbage, 11 oz
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This is a necessary ingredient for making Thai rice soup (Khao Tohm). Also known as congee, Khao Tohm is a delicious rice soup that makes for a delicious, healthy breakfast.

The cabbage is also added to stir-fry recipes, usually those with meat.

Authentic Recipe: Rice with salty chili sauce & seafood (Chantaburi-style), "Khao Kruk Prik Klua".

Authentic Recipe: Pork in Cabbage Soup

Packed in a plastic jar.

Ingredients: cabbage 80%, salt 10%, sugar 5%, garlic 5%. All natural.

Product of Thailand.



Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts

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Best Quality



Thai Rice Soup with Shrimp, 'Khao Tom Goong'

Khao tom is a staple in Thailand, being widely eaten as a breakfast dish as well as an accompaniment to lunch and dinner. It can be cooked plain (without the shrimp), or as here with shrimp. It can also be made by simple substitution with chicken, pork, or any combination of seafood that you have to hand. It can be made with cooked left over chicken/shrimp etc, or as here with fresh ingredients. It is however almost always made from pre-cooked rice from a day before (though not always left-overs: the cook will often simply ladle enough rice from the electric rice pot to make the soup shortly before serving). Made with chicken it is a popular meal to help recover from illness.


Rice with Salty Chili Sauce & Seafood, 'Khao Kruk Prik Klua'

This is a regional Thai delight that is proudly served in Chantaburi province, where the Gulf of Thailand meets the Cambodian border. Many people familiar with Thailand would think about Chantaburi as the province with great fruit--notably durian, rambutan, and mangosteen.

This famous dish from Chantaburi is simple, and unique. Simple because it uses fresh steamed jasmine rice, and unique because the rice is tossed with particular salty ingredients then topped with seafood and served with spicy sauce. A wonderful combination that we know you'll enjoy. We've never seen this offered in a restaurant outside of Thailand.


Pork in Cabbage Soup

A clear, healthy soup with beautiful presentation and distinctive Thai flavor & aroma.

The secret to making it delicious is pounding together Thai pepper powdercorriander seed and fresh garlic in a mortar & pestle. This paste has been called "Thai MSG" and you can add it to any soup for good results. See below for the correct proportions.

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