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August Thai Recipe and Tao Oven Update

Hello Again Friends and Welcome Back. Starting today we are offering a big discount on our very popular, innovative Thai outdoor oven.  Get 25% off, or one free handmade Thai Heavy Cleaver.

Thai Tao Oven - 25% Off

Extremely useful and frankly a real conversation piece. Used for generations, this clay oven is now more efficient than ever thanks to a new design which has captured interest as a great way to reduce fuel consumption. Using very little charcoal, this cooker produces enough heat to stir-fry small or large woks, boil water, or barbecue meats. 

SEE: Thai Tao Oven - 25% Off

Thai Tao Oven - Free Thai Heavy Cleaver

Pay full price for the oven and get a $46 Thai heavy cleaver for free.  Only offering this for a few days, as we just received a long-awaited shipment of handmade knives and we are happy to share with you.

SEE: Thai Tao Oven - Free Thai Heavy Cleaver

 Large Bottle Flying Lion Fish Sauce

This is a renowned fish sauce, the premium version of Three Crabs. Taste is excellent and it's very popular for Thai and especially Vietnamese cooking.  We still have it on sale for a great price.  

Highly recommended.

SEE: Large Bottle Flying Lion Fish Sauce

Mama, Instant Chan Clear Soup

Our favorite Thai instant noodles, made of pure rice stick noodles, is still half price while supplies last.

This is a new shipment straight from Thailand. Made of high quality rice (pho) noodles rather than the typical yellow wheat noodles. We've lowered the price as well so consider loading up as this has been difficult to keep in stock.

SEE: Mama, Instant Chan Clear Soup

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