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Thai Recipe and Flat Rate Shipping Update / ImportFood

Hello Again and Welcome Back to Our Humble Update. We have a few very delicious, healthy recipes to share and now through Sunday you can order with Flat Rate $5 Shipping.

Delicious Thai Soup Recipe

Very simple, rich and healthy soup using udon noodles, which have become very popular in Thai cuisine, together with our Ground Chilli with Fried Garlic paste.

Works well with chantaboon rice stick but here we made it with udon.

SEE: Thai Chili Garlic Udon Soup

Citrus-Pepper Spice Mix

A sizzling delight that zooms straight to the middle of the dinner table: chopped meat traditionally flavored with black pepper soy sauce, citrus & chopped onions.

We love this little packet of citrus spice served with beef and fresh onions. See how we made it and get a few packs.

SEE: Citrus-Pepper Spice Mix

Buy One Get One Free - Gluten Free Golden Mountain Sauce

Our original Golden Mountain Sauce is enjoyed throughout Thailand and used in homes & street vendor shops nationwide. 

This Gluten Free version is extremely popular.  Buy one get one free while supplies last.

SEE: Gluten Free Golden Mountain Sauce

Wai Wai Pad Char - 10 Pack

These instant noodles are eaten "dry" (similar to kee mao). Simply put the noodles into a bowl of hot water and sit for 3 minutes, then drain and add the seasoning powder & paste.

To make these noodles "really" good, serve with some fresh basil and a vine of green peppercorn.

SEE: Wai Wai Pad Char - 10 Pack

Back in Stock - Thai Cinnamon Stick

Thailand is in the part of the world known for great spices, and their cinnamon is as good as any.

Our cinnamon sticks are packed in Thailand, it's fresh pack, all at a price which is a better deal than what you'll find in supermarkets.

SEE: Thai Cinnamon Stick

Back in Stock: Thai Coconut Cream - Small Box - Aroy D

We prefer cooking with cream, a bit more oil and smoother flavor than milk. Typically cream is more costly and harder to find in bulk so restaurants are less likely to use it.

Current inventory is fresh and has 'Best By Date' of October 2022.

SEE: Thai Coconut Cream - Small Box - Aroy D

Thai Ground Chilli With Fried Garlic

Heavy aroma of Thai garlic, and rich flavor of biting Thai chiles.  This is the key ingredient in our feature recipe for Thai soup above. 

Useful for all sorts of Thai cooking, but you can use this to add a distinct Thai flavor to anything you might be cooking. Add a few teaspoons to soup or noodles, vegetable or meat stir-fry.

SEE: Thai Ground Chilli With Fried Garlic

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