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Thai Summer Recipe Update / ImportFood

Hello again friends. Handpainted, export-quality Thai ceramic fish platters, pedestal plates, and round dinner plates have just arrived.  We demonstrate how to prepare a simple, delicious seafood soup using ginger and sesame oil. Two favorite summer Thai recipes, and more.  Thanks for visiting.

Seafood Soup Recipe

Healthy seafood soup using basic ingredients. Pound seafood together and shape into balls seasoned with black pepper. Here we used prawns and sole. Most of the work was done on our tamarind cutting board as shown.

SEE: Seafood Soup Recipe

Handpainted Thai Pedestal Plate

This plate has a unique Thai design, used extensively to serve at an elevated level. One of the best-selling items in our handpainted ceramics collection. We offer one size: 7" which is actually 7.25" diameter, 3" tall.

SEE: Handpainted Thai Pedestal Plate

Handpainted Dinner Plates

These have been out of stock for about a year and we don't have many on our new shipment so you might order a few if interested.  Very lovely plates, all painted by hand, heavy ceramic from Thailand.

SEE: Handpanted Dinner Plates

Handpainted Fish Platter

This fish platter is perhap the most useful in our selection of Thai ceramics, as you can cook fish on the platter in the oven or, as we often do in our home, cook fish on this platter in our toaster oven. Approximately 15" long, 7" wide and a generous 2" deep.

SEE: Handpainted Fish Platter

Traditional Thai Condiment Set

Our most elegant & fancy condiment set.  All painted by hand, with unique spoons.

SEE: Traditional Thai Condiment Set

Lazy Susan

Also back in stock is our Lazy Susan.

SEE: Lazy Susan

 Sesame Oil

Our sesame oil from Japan is the finest quality.  We used this to prepare the seafood soup recipe above.  

Checkout all of our recipes using sesame oil --

SEE: Sesame Oil

Fresh Salad Rolls

Follow along with our detailed, simple instructions to create the best fresh salad rolls - be sure to make the simple dipping sauce as well. It's all explained here.

SEE: Fresh Salad Rolls

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