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December Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

Hello again and welcome back.  Today we received a new shipment of really fresh and very spicy green Thai chilli peppers, Fresh Thai Eggplant is back in season, and more,,,

NEW Harvest: Very Spicy Green Thai Chillies

True Thai chilli peppers with very strong heat. Extremely spicy, with the unique flavor that comes with green chillies. We rarely see this intense high-heat flavor.

SEE: Green Thai Chillies

In Season: Fresh Thai Eggplant

We are pleased to offer fresh Thai eggplant known as "makua pot" in Thai language.

SEE: Fresh Thai Eggplant

Feature: Thai Green Curry Chicken

A simple and authentic Thai recipe that we enjoy preparing with chicken and fresh seasonal greens. Our basic recipe a delicious green curry with nice flavors that a Thai purist would enjoy.

SEE: Thai Green Curry Chicken

Feature: Tamarind Soup with Seafood

We prepared this delicious Thai hot and sour soup at a campground using a simple pan and just a few ingredients. It's so simple to make yet full of rich flavor you'd think it could only come from a large sophisticated restaurant.

SEE: Tamarind Soup with Seafood

 ON SALE: Heavy Duty Stainless Thai Ladle $4 - Zebra Thailand

]We imported a lot of these direct from Zebra and now have it on promotion.

High quality stainless steel large spoon from Zebra is thick and durable--feels as much like a timeless automotive tool as a kitchen utensil. The modern bakelite handle is tough and well-designed. 

SEE: Heavy Duty Stainless Thai Ladle

Thai Recipe and Fresh Hawaiian Turmeric Update / I...
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