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Cyber Monday Discounts - ImportFood

For Cyber Monday we have deep discounts on a few items. We're happy to offer this to our newsletter readers.

NEW: Aroy-D Easy Open All Natural Coconut Milk $20 Off

Aroy-d has a new easy-open (and close) top for all natural coconut milk in 33.8 oz boxes. We have lots of this available, and are offering deep discounts on Cyber Monday. 

SEE: Aroy-D Easy Open All Natural Coconut Milk $20 Off

Cyber Monday: Hand Forged Japanese Santoku $125

Reg price $165 (MSRP in Japan $175).

This knife is made entirely by hand at a master craftsman's shop in Sakai, the area best known for making the finest knives of Japan. Read the review we received on this knife.  An extremely well-made knife that we buy directly from the small shop Japan where it's made.

For Cyber Monday we're offering this at our cost, which way below what you'd pay in Japan where most knives like this have a 50%+ markup at the retail level. Ships in a nice Gift Box, as shown at link.  Won't last long.

SEE: Hand Forged Japanese Santoku $125

Cyber Monday: Hand Forged Japanese Nakiri $125 

Reg Price $159

Another one of our Hand Forged knives made entirely by hand by a gentleman in Sakai Japan.  This is the 'Nakiri' style which is used for vegetables and various purposes. The blade has 'black finishing' as you can see the steel is worked a special way to give it a natural black look, on the upper 3/4 of the blade. 

SEE: Hand Forged Nakiri $125

Hand Painted Thai Ceramic Plates $10 Set of Two

Reg $18.50 per set.  Handpainted ceramic dinner plates imported from Thailand. Each piece is painted by hand using a traditional design unique to Thai artisans. You will appreciate the weight of this thick, ultra-high quality plate. 

SEE: Hand Painted Thai Ceramic Plates

Hand Painted Thai Ceramic Bowls $10 Set of Two

Reg $18.25 per set. Each piece is painted by hand using the same traditional design as our plates.

SEE: Hand Painted Ceramic Bowls

Namprik Thai Tae

This is not offered at any discount for Cyber Monday but we thought we'd include it here because we like it so much. 'Namprik Thai Tae' means Real Thai Namprik. A combination of salty and spicy, from dried shrimp and crushed chilli peppers. 

Can put it on anything and it's a great unique fresh gift for anyone who likes Thai food. This premium namprik is hard to find in Thailand and people buy it from us to take back home.

This took some extra effort at our side to import and it's also kind of expensive due to the shrimp. We're proud to offer this!  Product of Thailand.

SEE: Namprik Thai Tae

Amazing Elephant Tom Kha

Combined with a fresh all-natural coconut milk, it tastes just right! All the elegant galangal and coconut flavors plus bold chillies and mild citrus.

Amazing Elephant (our own invention) puts everything in the pouch and cooks it to perfection.

Received the highest praise, we like to think it's the best packaged soup in the world. Have you tried it yet?

SEE: Amazing Elephant Tom Kha

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