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December Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

As Christmas and New Year approach here is our Tom Yum competition - Aroy D vs Cock and a comprehensive description of how we prepared both.  Megachef fish sauce continues to sell out, and we just got more today.  Cock brand has introduced a new sweet chilli sauce, and more.  Thanks a lot for visiting this month's update.

Tom Yum Paste - Aroy D vs Cock Brand

We offer two very popular instant tom yum pastes and here we compared them side-by-side and share the results.

You can make great tom yum yourself by following along with these simple steps.

SEE: Tom Yum Paste - Aroy D vs Cock Brand

Savoy Coconut Cream

The brand Savoy is reserved for coconut cream, the same company as Aroy-D brand coconut milk. 

Coconut cream is a top choice for bakers of any dessert recipes that call for coconut milk, and added this to our tom yum soup with great results.

SEE: Savoy Coconut Cream

Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce - Cock Brand

This is the highest grade sweet chilli sauce from Aroy-D, in their "Cock Label". 

It has a sweet, sharp, medium-level spiciness. We love it. 

SEE: Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce - Cock Brand

Set of Two Sauces - Cock Brand

Here is a set of two brand new sauces from Cock brand, made by Aroy D.

Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce for Chicken
Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce for Spring Roll

Cock brand is reserved for the highest quality.

SEE: Set of Two Sauces - Cock Brand

Back in Stock: Megachef Fish Sauce

Megachef uses only the best ingredients and processes, to create excellent flavors regardless of cost.

This fish sauce is made from pure anchovy fish, mixed with sea salt, and fermented 2 years.

Perfect for cooking, dipping, marinating and seasoning Thai and Vietnamese dishes. Also great for fermenting high quality kimchi.

SEE: Megachef Fish Sauce

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