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Small Business Saturday at

We're happy to offer discounts today on some of our popular items. We will pack and ship these right away for prompt delivery. Order early and get the best prices. We are a very small company and really appreciate your support. 

 Dumplings with Pork, Shrimp, Ginger & Sesame

Spectacular dumplings are easy to make.

Lots of ingredients involved but follow our detailed instructions & work sequentially; it won't take long to become an expert and amaze friends & family with your ability to make the best dumplings.

SEE: Dumplings with Pork, Shrimp, Ginger & Sesame

Thai Heavy Cleaver

This is a serious, heavy-duty handmade cleaver in a traditional design, and a great value. Should last forever. Total weight is 22 oz (nearly 1.5 lb) because the high quality steel is really thick, but also well-balanced.

The thickness of the steel is about 3/16". Length is 12". Wood handle is 4.5" long, nicely-shaped, firmly attached with rustic steel pins. Blade is 7.5" long, 3.5" high.

SEE: Thai Heavy Cleaver

Set of Four Thai Knives - Kiwi

The stainless steel blades are extremely sharp and strong yet light.You get one of each:

Wood handle chef's knife, 12"
Wood handle pointed knife, 11"
Wood handle chopping knife 12.5"
Multi Purpose Knife

Made in Thailand and stamped with Kiwi Brand Made in Thailand.

Here is what our long-time customer Clarice in Washington DC sent to us via email, after receiving her Kiwi knives.

I have lots of expensive knives but decided to try some of your kiwi ones and , boy, am I ever impressed! Wonderful balance, light weight and very sharp. Easy to use.

SEE: Set of Four Thai Knives - Kiwi

Back in Stock - Aroy D Massaman Soup

Each can of massaman soup has everything you need to enjoy an authentic Thai meal, including potato. It's simply "heat and serve" but there are instructions on the can.

To improve the taste, we fried a bit of finely-chopped fresh lemongrass in a pan with onion and vegetable oil, then added the sliced beef to cook. Then we added that back into the massaman with a few dozen whole black peppercorn and served with fresh green onion. 

SEE: Aroy D Massaman Soup

Back in Stock - Tom Kha Paste, Aroy D

Use this to make a quick and delicious Tom Kha soup. All you need is to add coconut milk, and your own chicken & fresh mushrooms.

Packed in a vacuum-sealed container. Ingredients: salt, sugar, galangal, lemongrass, refined soybean oil, kaffir lime peel, msg, citric acid.

Product of Thailand.

SEE: Tom Kha Paste, Aroy D

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