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Early Holiday Deals at

​Today is 'Small Business Saturday' and let us assure you that we meet every definition of a Small Business.  Thanks to your support over the last 19 years we've raised a family, with two now finishing up university studies in the sciences.

Here are a few gift items we have that we can discount early on in the Holiday shopping season. 

Thai Sticky Rice Cooking Kit

This comes individually boxed with printed instructions, and we're offering everything for nearly our import cost.  Great deal and a gift anyone will love.  

Just $22.95 and all components are top quality, including Aroy-D sticky rice in a generous 5# bag.

SEE: Thai Sticky Rice Kit

Thai Heavy Cleaver, Hand Made

This is the most interesting cleaver we've seen, and it's our only Thai knife that's desired by the Japanese market, where heavy cleavers are hard to find.  So if this same cleaver is found among the finest knives in a Japanese kitchen, why not put it in yours?

SEE: Thai Heavy Cleaver

Amazing Elephant Tom Kha Combo Pack

Last week we ran a new batch of Tom Kha and sold quite a lot of these 'Combo Pack' boxes, you get 5 of each or a case of 10 Regular flavor.

Comes in a nice new gift box as shown.

SEE: Amazing Elephant Tom Kha Gift Pack

Back in Stock: Zebra Thailand Stainless Frying Pan

Zebra Thailand produces some of the highest quality stainless cookware in the world, and now we imported their new modern "Chef" series. 

Ideal for cooking all food, in particular Thai meals because it's a skillet with nice high sides so it's also like a wok. It woud compare to any of the top brands found in culinary stores today.

SEE: Zebra Thailand Stainless Frying Pan

​Feature Thai Recipe: Khao Mu Daeng

Mu daeng is a complement to khao man gai. Indeed in Thailand vendors that sell one very often sell the other, but nothing else. Here's our basic version that has been highly complemented.

SEE: Khao Mu Daeng

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Amazing Elephant Tom Kha - New Batch

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