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Amazing Elephant Tom Kha - New Batch

Brand New Fresh Batch - Amazing Elephant Tom Kha

Just last week, on November 16 we ran a fresh (small kettle) batch of Tom Kha using the freshest, fragrant galangal and perfectly-ripened fresh red Thai chiles. 

Combined with a fresh all-natural coconut milk, it tastes just right! All the elegant galangal and coconut flavors plus bold chillies and mild citrus.

Amazing Elephant (our own invention) puts everything in the pouch and cooks it to perfection.

Received the highest praise, we like to think it's the best packaged soup in the world. Have you tried it yet?

SEE: Amazing Elephant Tom Kha

As added encouragement, we are extending our $5 Flat Rate Shipping Offer if you order today

Feature Thai Recipe: Authentic Larb Gai

This is one of our all-time favorite Thai dishes, and it is a very common dish served throughout Thailand as well as Laos. It's quick to make and often extremely spicy, but the lime juice and mint leaves make for an exotic and splendid combination.

SEE: Larb Gai

Kiwi Thailand Knives

For years, professional chefs have told us about the Kiwi-brand knives they brought home from Thai vacations, and how much they love using Kiwi knives. We have a large selection of Kiwi knives imported direct from Thailand and offered at very reasonable prices.

Here's our updated page with our entire selection, dozens of choices.

SEE: Kiwi Thailand Knives

New: Hand Brand Dried Galangal

A very good substitute for fresh galangal, you can place this product in lukewarm water to reconstitute, then use as desired. 

Brand new just arrived from Hand Brand, fragrant and as fresh as it gets.

Each package is made from approx 32 oz fresh galangal (2 lb) so this is a great deal, as any market that happens to offer fresh galangal usually charges $9.95 or more per lb.

SEE: Hand Brand Dried Galangal

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