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Express Thai Knives at ImportFood

Today and tomorrow we are offering a free set of really high quality Thai carving knives, via Fedex Express in time for Christmas. See the great deal below.


This Set of 3 Carving Knives Ships For Free via Fedex Express 2 Day Service. 

SEE: 7 Knife Set via Express

Fresh Lemongrass

We have extra fresh lemongrass this week, so if you order the set of knives, also order a pack of 10 fresh lemongrass and we'll ship it all together. 

We'll toss in a few fresh red Thai chilli peppers at no charge too.

SEE: Fresh Lemongrass

 Hand Forged From Japan

This knife is made at a master craftsman's shop in Sakai, the area best known for making the finest knives of Japan. True magnolia wood handle from Japan. Also shipping via Fedex Express for delivery by Christmas.

 SEE: Stingray Tip Hand Forged Japanese Santoku

Handpainted Thai Ceramic Fish Platter

This fish platter is perhap the most useful in our selection of Thai ceramics, as you can cook fish on the platter in the oven.

We sell a lot of these during the holiday season, as people use this platter as a base, with other food gifts wrapped on top.

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