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New Year Thai Recipe Update /

Hello again and Happy New Year ! We're pleased to feature a new authentic Thai recipe, and highlight 2018s favorite Thai Street Vendor Videos and products.

Flat rate shipping through the weekend -- as we enter 2019 which is our 20th year in business.  Thank You !

Authentic Recipe: Thai Namprik Pla

If you love Thai food, then you really will appreciate this Namprik Pla. It's just so good, full of rich flavor, like a natural msg that sends your taste buds racing. The fresh kaffir lime leaves boost the aroma and give it a splendid aroma.

SEE: Thai Namprik Pla

Most Popular Thai Street Vendor Video

See our most popular video in 2018, a new style Thai street vendors are using to cook chicken. 

Filmed in Kanchanaburi. 

SEE: Thai Clay Pot Charcoal Roasted Chicken

New Thai Palm Sugar - All Natural

New pure palm sugar from Aroy-D. The natural sap is collected from cut sugar palms and boiled until a nice sugar remains then poured directly into little cakes and packaged for easy use. 

SEE: New Thai Palm Sugar - All Natural

On Sale: Thai Soy Sauce

The most famous brand and widely used soy sauce in Thailand. Superior quality from Healthy Boy, since 1947. 

Nice glass bottle, new shipment just arrived and we have it for $2 two days only. 

SEE: Thai Soy Sauce

 Flying Lion Large Bottle

Flying Lion is the ultra-premium fish sauce manufactured by Three Crabs. It's expensive and many people swear it's worth the high cost. 

The large 24 oz bottle is being phased out for a 10 oz size but we can offer the large bottle for another few weeks.  Superior product that you can use with the confidence of knowing you paid for and received the best.

SEE: Flying Lion Large Bottle

Amazing Elephant Tom Kha - Best of 2018

It's All In The Pouch. After years of development and investing in America, we are happy to introduce this. Ready-to-eat, premium quality, authentic and delicious Tom Kha soup made in small batches using the highest quality ingredients. Amazing Elephant brand puts everything in the pouch and cooks it to perfection. 

SEE: Amazing Elephant Tom Kha

All Natural Coconut Milk - Best of 2018

Our top selling item in 2018 is this all natural coconut milk and cream.  As always, we are offering the freshest new stock.

SEE: All Natural Coconut Milk

​Hand Crafted Santoku - Best New of 2018

Our extremely sharp santoku, made entirely made by hand, exclusively made in small batches by a master craftsman who takes prides in perfect design and blade material.

SEE: Hand Crafted Santoku

New Crop Jasmine Rice Update
Express Thai Knives at ImportFood

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