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Fresh Hawaiian Ginger Update / ImportFood

Hello again and Welcome Back. Today we finally have the seasonal fresh Hawaiian ginger that comes once a year in late fall. Check it out and get some for immediate 2 day shipment. It won't last long. 

Fresh Hawaiian Ginger - Late Fall Fresh Harvest

Special young ginger from Hawaii is harvested once a year in the late fall. Harvest started last week, and we just got this direct from Hawaii today.

Unique ginger is harvested before full maturity, so it's soft and you can eat it -- unlike woody ginger typically found in supermarkets.

SEE: Fresh Hawaiian Ginger - Late Fall Fresh Harvest

Ginger Chicken - Hawaiian Young Ginger

We prepared this last fall using the same fresh young ginger. For the chicken, we sliced into matchsticks, then fried in a bit of oil over medium heat with sliced chicken. We added salt and pepper, a touch of sugar, and a bit of soy sauce. Serve with jasmine rice, topped with sliced green onion and Thai chile pepper.

Chili Garlic Sauce - Huy Fong

We used this fairly high-heat sauce in the ginger seafood recipe featured in our Hawaiian Ginger page. Commonly sold in supermarkets throughout the country or get it from us, a touch of this goes a long way.

SEE: Chili Garlic Sauce - Huy Fong

Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood
Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

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