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Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

Hello, Good Morning and Welcome Back. We've been working all week to introduce new products and lovely recipes.  Lots to share - thanks for visiting. 

NEW Recipe: Korean Barbecue Rib Noodle Salad

Authentic noodle salad with Korean barbecue ribs. Prepare the various components then place a handful of noodles in a bowl, followed by salad, peanuts, and spoon over everything the sauce. Top with sliced rib meat.

SEE: Korean Barbecue Rib Noodle Salad

Korean Barbecue Sauce - CJ

We've sold this for years and it just keeps getting more popular. Fairly inexpensive so you can use generously as shown in our recipe above.

SEE: Korean Barbecue - CJ

NEW: Bun Tuoi Rice Noodles

Bun Tuoi noodles have taken up a lot of space lately in Asian supermarkets, becoming a top seller. These are high quality vermicelli noodles made of rice flour. The noodles we used in our new recipe above.

 SEE: Bun Tuoi Rice Noodles

Bin Bin Rice Crackers

We don't know how they make these taste so good. Bin Bin is a great seller in Asian markets now and we are pleased to offer them to you, manufactured in a modern facility with ISO 9002 certification.  We have just received a large shipment, fresh and crispy.

SEE: Bin Bin Rice Crackers

Thai Golden Mountain Sauce

This delicious seasoning sauce has been enjoyed in Thailand for over 50 years. Add a few drops to rice, soups, eggs, fish, whatever you desire we know you'll like it.

We offer it in two popular sizes: large 20 oz glass bottle, and small 6.7 oz glass bottle. Similar to Maggi Seasoning but less expensive and more authentic to the Thai taste. 

SEE: Thai Golden Mountain Sauce

Zebra-Thailand Stainless Mug w/Lid

These large mugs from Zebra Thailand are made of a nice and thick, durable stainless steel. The heavy duty handle can take a beating and never change shape. The lid is engineered to fit nicely and not come off. Nice touches like the 'Zebra Made in Thailand' logo etched into the bakelite knob and handle are distinctive indicators of the overall quality.

SEE: Zebra-Thailand Stainless Mug w/Lid

Back in Stock: Thai Ceramic Oval Serving Plate

Handpainted ceramic oval plate imported from Thailand. Each piece is painted by hand using a traditional design unique to Thai artisans.

You will appreciate the weight of this thick, ultra-high quality plate. When serving groups at a Thai dinner, serve the main dishes on these plates and let guests share.

SEE: Thai Ceramic Oval Serving Plate

 Thai Ceramic Rectangle Platter

Vivid blue color and clean white, high quality heavy ceramic. Painted by hand using a traditional design unique to Thai artisans. Certified for use in microwave or conventional oven, as well as dishwasher-safe. Dimensions are 10" x 6".

SEE: Thai Ceramic Rectangle Platter

Thai Mangosteen Drink / Aroy - D 

Mangosteen is known for it's distinctive fruity & elegant aroma, delicious sweet flavor, and is thought to promote good health.

Our canned Mangosteen is much better than soda pop and offers the same quick refreshment.

SEE: Thai Mangosteen Drink / Aroy - D

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