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Fresh Hawaiian Ginger Update / ImportFood

 Hello Again! This week we have beautiful fresh Hawaiian ginger that was harvested just today. It only comes to the market once or twice a year. Fresh lemongrass looks very good too, and we feature a few recipes using young ginger. Thanks for your support!

Fresh Hawaiian Ginger

This special young ginger from Hawaii is harvested once a year in the fall, and this year quality looks good.  Just picked yesterday.

Unique ginger is harvested before full maturity, so it's soft and you can eat it -- unlike woody ginger typically found in supermarkets. This is what Japanese use for sushi ginger. Great flavor.

Immediate shipment via 2 Day. Just get your order in right away, and we will get it prepared.

SEE: Fresh Hawaiian Ginger

Fresh Thai Produce Kit

Excellent quality Fresh Thai Produce Kit sent via Express. Everything looks good especially fresh galangal this week.

Ready to ship.

This is our best deal on select fresh produce essential for Thai cooking.

SEE: Fresh Thai Produce Kit

Back in Stock: Thai Red Chili, Pickled

Has been out of stock for months because restaurants were using this to make their own chile pastes after Huy Fong stopped production.  This just arrived from Aroy-D in Cock brand, the best quality.

Fresh red chile packed in water and salt with no artificial color or preservatives. The pictures do not show clearly how beautiful these red chile are. Grown in Thailand, the famed bird chilli pepper, or prik ki nu, are harvested at just the right time and only the very best are hand-selected to be packed in a modern facility for export.

SEE: Thai Red Chili, Pickled

Thai Kee Mao Chicken

Made with our Hawaiian ginger for the greatest result. This is our new, slightly less-spicy version of our original kee mao recipe.

We like using dark thick soy sauce to give the chicken a darker color as shown.

This has a touch of MSG which is optional but recommended here to get the optimal flavor.

SEE: Thai Kee Mao Chicken

Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood
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