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Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

The freshest coconut cream from Chaokoh just arrived, along with picked ginger and Mama Phnom Pen which is strictly made for Export.

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Just Arrived - Chaokoh Coconut Cream

Fresh off the ship: Brand New Stock: September 2023 :Production Date and October 2024 Best By Date.

Great price and high cream content.

This high quality Chaokoh Coconut Cream (Classic Gold Label) is the restaurant favorite - very rich, with the same consistency as coconut milk but higher fat content.

Great time to get a great deal on this product.

SEE: Just Arrived - Chaokoh Coconut Cream

New Stock: Thai garlic, pickled (whole), 16 oz jar

Thai garlic picked in a 16 oz jar, there are approximately 12-15 whole garlic per jar.

Pickled garlic is used in various Thai recipes (see below), and you can use for any type of non-Thai recipe as well.

The garlic is very clean, and tastes great. Excellent qualty.

Packed in a glass jar.

SEE: New Stock, Thai Garlic, Pickled

Thai-Style Wide Noodles In Thick Sauce, 'Kuaytiao Lad Na'

Lad Na is prepared in a two-step recipe that involves first frying wide rice noodles until they're just starting to get crispy. Then a sauce is quickly made and poured over the noodles. The translation of Ladna in English is "Pour on the Face".

Tastes great made with the pickled garlic above.

Lad Na is served all over Thailand, so it can be considered a national Thai dish.

Thai-Style Wide Noodles In Thick Sauce, 'Kuaytiao Lad Na'

Set of four Thai knives, Kiwi

Included are one of each:

Wood handle chef's knife, 12"
Wood handle pointed knife, 11"
Wood handle chopping knife 12.5"
Multi Purpose Knife

The stainless steel blades are extremely sharp and strong yet light.

Made in Thailand and stamped with Kiwi Brand Made in Thailand.

SEE: Set of Four Knives, Kiwi

Shrimp Flavor Crushed Thai Chilli, Mae Pranom

In Thai this is called 'Namprik Narok' which means spicy like hell.

Loaded with flavor: a combination of salty and spicy, from dried shrimp and crushed chilli peppers, with a hint of sesame too.

An elegant, spicy mix.

You could not ask for a better company than Mae Pranom to make this one. They are so focused on making real, authentic Thai food using the finest ingredients.

Shrimp Flavor Crushed Thai Chilli, Mae Pranom

 Mama brand, Phnom Pen Style, Chan Soup

Just arrived, this is a newer flavor from Mama made for Export to USA.  Gently spiced soup they call Phnom Pen style. We enjoyed making this with thinly sliced beef (see picture below), fresh cilantro and lime.

Distinctive because it's made with nice white rice noodles not the yellow wheat-based noodles typically found in Mama (for example pork).

Mama suggests adding shrimp, but you can simply add boiling water then let sit for 3 minutes and enjoy the noodles. Turn it into something extraordinary by adding fresh sliced chile peppers (jalapenos work best), bean sprouts, mint leaves, fresh basil, cilantro, or whatever you prefer.

SEE: Phnom Pen Style, Chan Soup

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