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Hello again and Welcome Back!  Some new items back in stock and a few gift ideas.  We are shipping quickly and all orders this week will arrive by Christmas.

Back in Stock: Yellow Can Prik Pao

Years ago a Thai restaurant in Osaka Japan told us about an employee who goes to Bangkok to pickup cases of this Yellow Can prik pao for their popular restaurant. You'll love the great heat from the chillies but also the delicate flavors -- this is what makes truly authentic Tom Yum.

We were first to import this fantastic product direct from Mae Pranom and sold out, now it's back again just two days ago.

Beautiful can makes for a nice gift too.

NEW: Aroy-D Red Curry Paste

Red curry paste is a versatile ingredient in so many Thai recipes. 

This is a "gourmet" red curry from Aroy-d which makes consistently the best authentic food products in Thailand. 

Feature Recipe: Thai Cookies Scented w/Fragrant Candle

There is nothing quite like the delicious flavor of Thai fragrant cookies, which are made with a simple recipe then flavored with a special herbal candle that emits a heavy fragrant smoke. The candle is made specifically for the purpose of making cookies, and the aroma is unmistakable. We love these cookies and you will too.

SEE: Thai Cookies Khanom Dawk Lamdoowan

Back in Stock: Thai Condiment Caddy

The condiment caddy is found in nearly every restaurant in Thailand, and here we have for a reasonable price the finest quality set we could find.

Known in Thai as a "Puang Prik", the caddy itself is made of stainless steel. Also stainless steel are the long spoons, perfectly shaped for scooping, and the lids that cover the glasses. 

Great Product: Namprik Thai Tae

This is called 'Namprik Thai Tae' which means Real Thai Namprik. Loaded with flavor: a combination of salty and spicy, from dried shrimp and crushed chilli peppers.

We just like it and suggest it to our customers, and it would be a great gift!

SEE: Namprik Thai Tae


Order any one of the items below, and we will add one Mango Peeler at no charge.  We won't forget to include the mango peeler, as long as you order between now and Friday. 

Handprinted Thai Ceramic Bowl Set

For each set of two bowls ordered, you get a free mango peeler. These are great bowls!  Very pleased to import them directly from Thailand.  

Handpainted in Lampang Thailand using traditional design.  Thick ceramic.

Thai Machete Cleaver

This unique cleaver has a good weight, tough steel, all handmade and quite rustic.  Hack down branches outside or break chicken bones in the kitchen.  Cave Man Machete.  Get a free mango peeler with every order.

SEE: Thai Machete Cleaver

Thai Popsicle Maker

Give the gift of free enterprise. Most people who buy these put them to work as a vendor.  We imported a few dozen more sets and expect to sell them in the spring time.  

Check out how they work and the videos we have etc.  

SEE: Thai Popsicle Maker

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