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June Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

Hello friends, on this 2021 Memorial Day.  We are happy to share with you two unique Thai recipes with varied degrees of spiciness. We demonstrate each step so you can master this in your own kitchen.  

NEW Recipe: Thai Chilli Garlic Seafood Stir Fry

A basic seafood vegetable noodle stir fry made spicy with our Ground Chilli with Fried Garlic paste. Add at least one teaspoon to give the dish bold chilli heat; we added two which made it very spicy and delicious.

SEE: Thai Chilli Garlic Seafood Stir Fry

NEW Recipe: Thai Chilli Garlic Udon Soup

Very simple, rich and healthy soup using udon noodles, which have become very popular in Thai cuisine, together with our Ground Chilli with Fried Garlic paste.

SEE: Thai Chilli Garlic Udon Soup

Feature: Thai Ground Chilli w/Fried Garlic

Heavy aroma of Thai garlic, and rich flavor of biting Thai chiles. Useful for all sorts of Thai cooking, but you can use this to add a distinct Thai flavor to anything you might be cooking. 

This is the key ingredient in both recipes above.  

SEE: Thai Ground Chilli w/Fried Garlic

Thai Street Vendor Cooler - On Sale Now

All this week $60 off.  On Sale While Supplies Last. Won't be able to offer this again due to steep rise in shipping rates from Thailand so when these are gone we won't like get more. 

These are extremely durable, solidly-built, commercial-grade coolers built for everyday constant use by Thai street vendors.

Unique table-top design. You've never seen or felt a cooler so well-built.

"We LOVE our new Thai coolers. They are truly superior temperature keepers. We keep them in our car for big supply trips to the city, and use one to keep frozen groceries and one for hot takeout. They keep food hot as well as cold!"

SEE: Thai Street Vendor Cooler - Table Top Design

Set of Four Thai Sauces

Our four most popular sauces in a nicely packed set of four.

Included are one of each.

SEE: Set of Four Thai Sauces

Fresh Thai Produce Update / ImportFood
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