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May Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

Hello and Welcome Back.  Today we have a delicious new Thai Sweet Basil seafood recipe, thick fresh lemongrass stalks for Mother's Day tea, our small Thai cleaver is back in stock, and more.  Thanks for visiting!

 New Recipe: Thai Sweet Basil Clams

We made this recipe quickly and easily by putting  chopped ginger and garlic in a pan, added clams, adding Chilli Paste with Sweet Basil Leaves and finishing with coconut milk.

SEE: Thai Sweet Basil Clams

Thai Chilli Paste with Sweet Basil Leaves 

Key ingredient in our new Thai Sweet Basil Clams recipe.  A fragrant, all natural, delicious mix of spicy Thai chili peppers and sweet basil leaves. The chiles have high heat, so just a tablespoon will really make you sweat, but the heat is balanced by the rich aroma of sweet basil. Use sparingly for lower heat.

SEE: Thai Chilli Paste with Sweet Basil Leaves

Back in Stock: Kiwi Small Thai Cleaver

If you already have Kiwi knives, consider adding this to the collection.

We reach for the small cleaver constantly, for slicing cheese, cutting meats, and chopping small vegetables.

This small Thai cleaver has a 3" blade and 3.75" wood handle. Good value for a reliable, quality cleaver that will give you years of service.

SEE: Small Thai Cleaver

 Back in Stock: Mama Pad Thai Large Pack

So easy to make, yet the flavors are complex and full. Practice makes perfect, and this package can help you become a real threat to the local Pad Thai vendor!

Inside each pack is a large handfull of chantaboon rice noodles and a spice packet. Add crushed peanuts and shrimp to make it even better, and garnish with a sprig of green onion & slice of fresh lime.

SEE: Mama Pad Thai Large Pack

Mother's Day Special - Fresh Lemongrass

We have excellent quality fresh lemongrass this week, nice large stalks. Order by noon on Wednesday and you'll get it by Friday via Fedex Express.  Serve a nice healthy aromatic fresh lemongrass tea.

SEE: Mother's Day Special - Fresh Lemongrass

Mother's Day Tom Kha Soup

Add a few pouches of our Amazing Elephant Tom Kha to your order of fresh lemongrass (above) and we will ship them together via Fedex Express.

SEE: Amazing Elephant Tom Kha
Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood
Thai Basil Chilli Update / ImportFood

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