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Thai Basil Chilli Update / ImportFood

Hello and welcome back to our authentic Thai recipe blog. Today we're happy to share two new recipes using our Holy Basil Chilli Pastes, using the Kiwi Thailand wave knife to make quick fancy vegetables. We hope you give it a try and enjoy!  Thanks for visiting.

Thai Holy Basil Chilli Beef

Our very popular Phad Kapraow (holy basil) chilli paste from Mae Pranom is all natural and we have a new shipment in stock to offer.  Here we used it to make a delicious, spicy and simple sliced Thai beef recipe.

SEE: Thai Holy Basil Chilli Beef

Thai Holy Basil Chicken

Por Kwan brand Thai Chilli Paste with Holy Basil added into this basic stir fry with vegetables and chicken.  We share tips and delicious result.

SEE: Thai Holy Basil Chicken

Kiwi Thailand Wave Knife

The quick way to make fancy vegetables, a restaurant favorite. We import it directly from Kiwi and use it to make the Thai Holy Basil Chicken recipe above.

SEE: Kiwi Thailand Wave Knife

May Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood
Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

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