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New Arrivals at

More new arrivals to offer our newsletter readers. Tamarind cutting boards are quite limited and won't last long, other than that everything else is in good supply. 

Back in Stock: Tamarind Cutting Boards

A few dozen of each size just came in after a long wait. Offering a large 12" and smaller 9.5".

SEE: Tamarind Cutting Boards

Back in Stock: Pineapple Chilli Sauce

The flavor is an excellent blend of sweet & tangy with a noticeable burst of chili heat. A wonderful dipping sauce for any grilled, roasted, or fried meats. Not just perfect for dipping spring rolls, this is a great marinade for any style of barbecue.

SEE: Pineapple Chilli Sauce

 Back in Stock: Phad Kapraow Hot Basil Paste

To use, just a bit of oil to your wok and start to fry the meat of your choice. Then add this paste and stir until the meat is done and you can smell the fragrant chile/basil mixture. Serve with fresh jasmine rice, and enjoy!

SEE: Phad Kapraow Hot Basil Paste

 Back in Stock: Thai Charcoal Barbecue

In Thailand this uniquely-shaped, hibachi-style barbeque is known as a Korean grill.

SEE: Thai Charcoal Barbecue

New Harvest: Whole Kaffir Lime

Seasonal availability, we just started harvesting kaffir limes. Expect regular availability now through December. 

Kaffir lime peel is loaded with citrus flavor and aroma. Used to make Thai curry paste, used extensively in aromatherapy, massage oils, natural shampoos, candy, and various herbal products.

SEE: Whole Kaffir Lime

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